Futa Concoction [Ch. 4] By Faust Seiker

Faust Seiker Games released a new game called Futa Concoction and the version is Ch. 4. The game’s story is about After years of research and a bit of luck, Lazuli finally managed to create her magnum opus, the Cumcoction. Follow the story of this sexually crazed alchemist as she tries to corrupt all of the girls surrounding her.

Developer: Faust Seiker
File Size: 424.2 MB
Version: Ch. 4
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Chapter 3 Part 2

  • 15 New main scenes and 9 new repeatable small ones
  • One new main character
  • The end of Nemona and May content
  • A new area to investigate
  • 1h+ of gameplay

Chapter 2 Part 3

Chapter 2 Part 2:

11 new scenes have been added.

  • A fresh new TitleScreen
  • A lot of QoL here and there

Chapter 2 :

  • 7 new targets waiting to be corrupted
  • 26 new scenes
  • Full change of the plugin used to play the videos for it to be compatible with everyone. If you had any kind of problems while playing the videos (black screen, game crashing…) it should be fixed now.
  • Now only the ‘H’ shortcut will hide the text but it will also hide the name.
  • You can press ‘A’ to auto-forward dialogue
  • As usual, no new ingredients have been added in previously explored zones.

Developer Notes:

Hey guys, it’s my first ever game so I wanted to make a bit of a disclaimer here.

1 : As always when it comes to the first time in something you get better when making it, so the quality of the animations gets better as I’m progressing with the story. Basically, I’ve now gotten the hang of how to make a good (at least I think) sex animation but some of my first scene may seem a bit off. Don’t worry this will only get better with time.

2: I’m not a native English speaker so my wording may sound odd at times. I’m quite fluent in English but I’m not sure that my language registry is always the best for every situation.

3: I just sincerely hope you enjoy my game. I have great plan for its future.

4: If you run into any bug and you’ve downloaded the game in the hours the thread was posted consider redownloading it. It should fix your issues.

Game Images & Screenshots

Chapter 4

Chapter 3 Part 2

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