Futa Prision [v1.2.6] By Ninja Head

Ninja Head Games released a new game called Futa Prision and the version is 1.2.6. The game’s story is about Tells the story of Sato, an ordinary young university student. One day, while he was about to play video games, he notices a magical portal in his room. Out of curiosity, he enters and is transported to a world ruled by futanaris. Unfortunately for him, the portal was summoned by a thief who escaped from some guards. He used the portal to summon anyone and blame them. Our protagonist is taken to prison for a crime he did not commit.

Sato finds himself trapped in an unusual prison, where the guards are women who are over 2.5 meters tall and armed with large red sticks between their legs. Now, Sato must embark on a desperate quest to discover how to escape this unique prison where men are treated like sex toys. As he progresses in his adventure, he will unravel the strange history of this world and discover why it is dominated by futas.​

Developer: Ninja Head
File Size: 2.20 GB
Version: 1.2.6
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • added events
  • Harlequin Battle Event (Challenge crossing the boat with the silver coin to enter the door you require the pearl coin)
    Harlequin Good Final Event
    Battle Catrina Event (Challenge in her room you have to have the cleaning scroll item to be able to see the point of light)
    Good final event Catrina
    Bad final event Catrina Sato onahole
    (lose once to get the bad ending)
    Bad Final Event 2 Catrina – Deep Throat
    (lose twice to get bad ending 2)
  • Househusband painting
  • A button was added in the egg clan room, if your skills are not there you can recover them by pressing the button, also when you enter the harlequin room you recover them automatically.
    next battle Erica

Developer Notes:

This is my first project, it will be updated monthly on my patreon, sorry if there are spelling errors, English is not my language, and also sorry if the videos freeze, it is a problem that I have not been able to solve until now. . The game focuses more on exploration and story. Game genres: Futa on male, anal vore, giants, cock vore, and no, you can’t skip the futa xD

Game Images & Screenshots



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