GameOver [v24.03.01] By Azulookami & Black Cat Studios

Azulookami & Black Cat Studios Games released a new game called GameOver and the version is 24.03.01. The game’s story is about You’ve just woken up after entering a small little town during your travels, but what’s this about the rumors about you and the way you came from being… Blocked by… Something? Are the rumors really about you? Or someone else?

Yet when you go out to find out and end up getting too familiar with the locals, why do you wake up in your room? No one seems to remember anything ever happening, while you on the otherhand… All this seems to be playing out like in your dreams? But… Is it really a dream? Or something else?

Explore the town and get familiar with the locals. But be mindful of your condition, you wouldn’t want to wear yourself out or anything of the sort. Someone might take advantage of it. And you can’t shake the feeling that something wrong is with this town… But what is it?

Developer: Azulookami & Black Cat Studios
File Size: 137.4 MB
Version: 24.03.01
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Version 24.02.01

  • Harold is ready for the next stage of testing after learning some things while working with Oscar, but they seem on the kinkier side than normal. Is this really research? Only one way to find out.
  • Make sure you have some kinks and have played with some others as well, might give him some ideas as to how it can help.
  • And if you feel like Harold is a bit too much of a dommy daddy for you, Geve is looking for a cuddle buddy!
  • After playing around with you for so long and getting permission from Ran, the chest gifted doggo is allowed to play around with you some more. And after playing around too much in the open, he’ll know what to do with you in private!
  • And if you’re really into him, he’ll even have some upcoming teasers with other characters~
  • Don’t forget to check out his updated GameOver!

Version 23.06.01

  • Harold has a mission for you. To go out and get him another assistant so that you three, maybe four, can help him progress on his studies. While helping the town with it’s current problem. Good boys get a spot in bed with him~
  • Be sure to check up on the two local healers. They’ll be needed for his… Research.
  • Upon hearing from Ran you got the go ahead, Jar will now let you patrol around town with him! Make sure you do everything you wanted to with him beforehand. He’ll have new plans for you and might not be so open to your dirty little secrets with everyone.

Version 22.07.20

The other half of the lumberjacks is out and ready to chat it up with you. He has lots to talk about, and for those kinky bastards out there, he’s one of them. Of course, all of this is just to help you out to be able to work with all these large men working in the hot and sweaty sun.

The drill sergeant is currently in the barracks helping out new and old recruits alike, and for those who got permission from the Captain of the Guard of course. Just don’t over exert yourself.

The local bounty hunter will now help those who get too tired when hanging out with him. Just be careful of learning his dark secret, he might not risk letting you go.

There’s a way to get the shy fanboy otter to open up to you more, but first you’re going to have to get closer to Azlos, then once you’ve gain his trust, he’ll send you on the right way. Just make sure you’ve been around town and check up with Sep. Can’t get closer to him without him knowing you’re in the know, and close to the right people.

There are a number of characters and scenes that have been visually updated, more coming next month!

Stam gameovers to Rigur, Jar, and Varok are now working.

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Extras: Wiki

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