Ghost Marriage Matchmaking [v1.1.1.6] By Eternal Alice Studio, Feiyu Studio

Eternal Alice Studio, Feiyu Studio Games released a new game called Ghost Marriage Matchmaking and the version is The game’s story is about Ghost Marriage Matchmaking is a game centered around ghost marriages and building your relationship, with the two ethereal heroines: Dai’er and Yuan. As a matchmaker, your job is to get Dai’er and Yuan “ghost married”. Interact and get to know the two. Work to soothe their resentment towards the living while increasing their affection. Most importantly, resolve their regrets and unfulfilled desires!​

Developer: Eternal Alice Studio, Feiyu Studio
File Size: 1.01 GB
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

Game Features

  • Full Japanese & Chinese (coming soon) voice.
  • Basic CG 25,More Than 200 sub CGs.
  • 80,000+ words of text.
  • Some CGs have Live2D animations.
  • Arrange a variety of activities to prevent their spirits from disappearing or going out of control.
  • Resolve the grudges Yuan and Dai-er had while they were still living and reduce their resentment levels.
  • Learn about their lives and allow them to complete their “ghost marriages” without any regrets.
  • Work to get paid and use that money to purchase items and new outfits.
  • Manage your time well between the day and the night and balance between your work and your two ghostly clients!

Game Images & Screenshots



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