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gacorman70 Games released a new game called Grolokk and the version is 0.65. The game’s story is about Welcome ye lusty scoundrels seeking high adventure! Grolokk is a turn based RPG made in RPGMakerMV, following the adventures of a lowly Goblin Raider as he goes from a mere expendable piece of cannon-fodder to a full fledged Goblin Warlord! Collecting Gold, Glory, and attracting a stable of Nubile Human Harem Girls for him to indulge in!​

Developer: gacorman70
File Size: 904.7 MB
Version: 0.65
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.65 Change Log

  • New Dungeon, the Underworks
  • New Enemy Types
  • 7 New CGs
  • Misc sprite and item work
  • New Battle Graphics
  • New Character Graphics
  • Updated Priestess Assets

Developer Notes:

The game is still very much in development. As such, there will be some content that is unfinished.

Version 0.62 Known Issues

-Video based Animations can sometimes stutter, or on occasion, cause a freeze or crash. I’m still looking into the cause of this.
-Crashes when interacting with the Melon Farmer
-Reported issues when leaving some of the the Harem girls with the trainer.

  • The Harem System is still very much a work in progress. All content available should be obtainable ingame. There are duplicate images currently used in some places. Just be aware that this system is still very much in development.
  • Due to the “passionate” concern on the subject matter by some individuals, I feel obligated now to point out that in the course of the game, the player will have the option of sharing, or not sharing his harem.
  • For Mac OS and Android users, there won’t be a supported release for those platforms yet, but I will look into those. I might be looking for testers for such releases in the near future.
  • There are no new animated assets at this time but I am still planning on pursuing more of those features in future releases. Animation is a lot of work, especially for a one man team.
  • I still don’t have a good pipeline for updating saved games, and cannot guarantee that old saved games will work with Grolokk ver0.61.
  • Pregnancy when? It’s a line item. I would like to finish the gameplay elements I’ve already started to incorporate, before adding whole new ones. Maybe some pregnancy related miniquests in the future, but nothing is on the docket in the short term.
  • Can I save the Redhead at the beginning? No, but just keep playing the game, trust me.
  • Version 0.61? No more “Chapter” titles? No. I fully admit I didn’t have a good plan when setting out on how to name progressive iterations. As of November, 2021, “Grolokk ver0.61”, or “Grolokk: An Adult Adventure RPG ver0.61” are the latest released versions of the game.
  • Whats after this? Fleshing out the Harem system more, pushing the main quest storyline, and adding more content.

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