Harem Party Adventures [v0.14] By Assmodeus Unlimited Lewd Works

Assmodeus Unlimited Lewd Works Games released a new game called Harem Party Adventures and the version is 0.14. The game’s story is about You play a prophesied hero in world ravaged by war and left with very few men left. As you are sent on a quest. You join the kingdom’s academy, meet many women that you can interact with and possibly, recruit to your harem party.​

Developer: Assmodeus Unlimited Lewd Works
File Size: 1.45 GB
Version: 0.14
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 3 H-scenes added. (Current Total: 41)
  • New Main Quest (Temptress in the Snow)
  • New town and ship destination (Everwinter)
  • New Capturable Succubus (Ulst)
  • Ulst H-scene
  • New Dungeon room available in your home
  • Lissa second potion incident h-scene
  • Lissa story progression
  • Natalih and Melia bonding/threesome scene
  • Loading screens for H-scenes (To cover the video-player preparation process, basically no black-screen anymore)
  • Exp rates for encounters adjusted
  • Stamina for player characters reduced
  • Stamina recovers fully after battle
  • Damage dealt by player characters reduced
  • You can buy a H-Card Collection Album from Helena
  • Teleport crystals now have sfx
  • Fixed the poker mini game, hopefully for the last time

Game Images & Screenshots


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