Heart To Heart [v0.3] By EnigmaEros

EnigmaEros Games released a new game called Heart To Heart and the version is 0.3. The game’s story is about In “Heart to Heart,” you step into the shoes of Ben Bailey, a driven young man chasing his dreams in a new city. His life takes an unexpected turn as he embraces a scholarship opportunity, bringing him under the same roof as Helen Wilson, a woman whose presence holds memories reaching back to his childhood. As the story unfolds, you’ll explore the delicate tapestry of relationships that shape Ben’s life. The luxurious residence becomes more than just a backdrop; it’s a canvas on which emotions are painted, friendships are forged, and romantic tensions simmer. Helen’s unique bond with Ben evolves,

unveiling layers of vulnerability and longing that transcend the boundaries of age and convention. Amidst the emotional currents, a mysterious book with ancient origins finds its way into Ben’s possession. Its secrets, shrouded in magic and enigma, lead to the discovery of a ring that harbors powers beyond the ordinary. As Ben navigates the complexities of his relationships, he’s drawn into a world where desires are amplified, and the boundaries between reality and enchantment blur.

Developer: EnigmaEros
File Size: 1.20 GB
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


300 renders

Initial Release
400 renders

Developer Notes:

Welcome to EnigmaEros – Your Portal to Erotic Immersion!
I’m EnigmaEros, and I’m on a passionate journey to deliver the ultimate in erotic immersion experiences. As you explore below, you’ll uncover my ongoing projects, tantalizing screenshots that offer just a glimpse of what’s in store, and a deeper dive into my identity as a dedicated developer.

Game Images & Screenshots


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