Heavy Hearts [v0.52 Hotfix 1] By Dammitbird

Dammitbird Games released a new game called Heavy Hearts and the version is 0.52 Hotfix 1. The game’s story is about Humans are near extinct. Only a few remain, living in isolation. Those that are found are used for slave labor, pleasure, or worse. Orcs, Lycans, Drakes, and other various creatures would love to get their hands on one. Luccia will find out what happened, stop the extinction, and repopulate the human race (some mixing may occur!)

Developer: Dammitbird
File Size: 357.6 MB
Version: 0.52 Hotfix 1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.5 Hotfix 03

Developer Notes:

I want to create adult games that stand on their own, even without the porn. An interesting story, comparable gameplay to well known RPGs, and quality art. That is my commitment.

  • Normal attacks build the ATB gauge (called NRG). Each filled gauge adds a Combat Orb to your Hud, which can be used for abilities. With each orb, you can charge Magic a level, and blast enemies away.

-STAGGER! Run out of HP and you die, but run out of Poise and you will be put into a staggered, vulnerable state.

-The gameplay is optimized for Keyboard use. Mash Z=Attack, Hold X=Magic, C=Block.

-Combat and exploration can be played with a mouse. Mouse support while in Exploration mode has very limited pathfinding.

-Time your blocks correctly and you can counterattack

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