High Desire [Ep.1 Hotfix] By Wingmen Labs

Wingmen Labs Games released a new game called High Desire and the version is Ep.1 Hotfix. The game’s story is about High Desire is a thrilling episodic Adult Visual Novel game that puts you, the player, in the shoes of a conflicted young man with big dreams of becoming a racing driver. But instead, he finds himself swept up in the world of illegal street racing. As the player, You will navigate through a compelling storyline, filled with tough decisions that will steer the outcome of the game.

But it’s not just about racing. Along the way, You will have to deal with complex relationships with the women in your life, each with their own distinct personalities and motivations. How You handle these relationships will ultimately shape and influence the outcome of the game. With multiple paths and endings, the game offers a unique and personal experience for each player.

Developer: Wingmen Labs
File Size: 3.80 GB
Version: Ep.1 Hotfix
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ep.1 Hotfix

  • Added the ability to name the main character.
  • Animations can now be skipped after 2 seconds have elapsed.
  • Rollback issue fixed.
  • Note: Old saves won’t work.

Developer Notes:

Hey everyone! Welcome to our game!

We are Wingmen Labs, a small team of 3 devs, or rather, 3 friends, working on our first ever project. We don’t really have any prior experience in creating games, but we wanted to challenge ourselves, improve our already existing skills, or even learn new ones to produce something of quality. And we hope to do just that.

This is Episode Zero, a prologue/demo to the game, there isn’t much content in the game at the moment, but we’re planning on consistently releasing Episodes every 2 to 6 months Every kind of feedback is very much appreciated, and we hope to get better with every new release.

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