Hilda and the tower of Lust [Steam] By Kira Tama

Kira Tama Games released a new game called Hilda and the tower of Lust and the version is Steam. The game’s story is about The female warrior Hilda embarked on a long journey with the Brave to save the world. They arrived at their final destination, the Tower of the Demon Lord Vah Mala. As long as they defeat the Demon Lord, their adventure ends…… However, just as they were thinLord, the powerful and evil miasma prevented them from entering the tower. Thus, the Brave stood in front of the tower, determined to suppress the miasma with his magic. Meanwhile, Hilda entered the tower alone to fight the Demon Lord. If the Brave depletes his mana, the protection will disappear, and Hilda won’t be able to move. Before that happens, she has to take down the Demon Lord. Hilda strengthened her determination and stepped into the tower alone.

Developer: Kira Tama
File Size: 765.4 MB
Version: Steam
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Steam Release

Developer Notes:

  • ✤Game Content✤
    This is the main stage of this adventure, the Tower. Every floor has a village, with a total of five areas.
    The habitants of the Tower are perverted Demons that Hilda can’t communicate with.However, due to a certain opportunity, Hilda began to be able to understand the language of Demons.
    After learning that she could communicate with Demons, Hilda’s attitude gradually changed.
  • Can Hilda fulfill her promise to the Brave and defeat the Demon Lord?
    Or will she happily accept the sexual harassment from Demons,
    give up her beloved Brave, and become a resident of the Tower?
    This will be your free choice after experiencing various events…

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