In for a Penny [v0.51] By Moist Sponge Productions

Moist Sponge Productions Games released a new game called In for a Penny and the version is 0.51. The game’s story is about This harem-themed visual novel game. The story will revolve around our main character who finds himself in a difficult situation. You will follow him as he tries to complete his mission, given by the Overseers to bed a town full of women and uncover the mysteries of his situation.​

Developer: Moist Sponge Productions
File Size: 2.11 GB
Version: 0.51
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

The finish to the universal fisty cuffs. Plus a little extra extra. As always hope you all enjoy.

Another update for you all. The start of a bit of fisty cuffs in this one. See what you think. As always hope you enjoy.

A little late, but here we are. The next update. A little Mokori and a little story. Look out for the next update as it is explosive… not literally.

Game Images & Screenshots


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