In Their Own Hands [v0.1.3] By Surprise & Delight Media

Surprise & Delight Media Games released a new game called In Their Own Hands and the version is 0.1.3. The game’s story is about In this game, you will be entering the lives of a married couple. The husband is 27 years old. The wife is 25 years old. You will primarily be playing as the husband. This may mean making decisions about everything from your daily routine to how you handle anything out of the ordinary that comes up. These decisions will have consequences, so think carefully about what you do. Not everything is in your control. Your wife has her own autonomy. She will, however, be influenced by your decisions. So, at least to a certain extent, your relationship is up to you.

WARNING: This game currently contains, and will continue to include, various forms of non-monogamous content that may be categorized as NTR or NTRS (netorare, netorase, etc.). This content will be avoidable on a “Faithful” path but some content may occur even on this path if certain choices are made. Other paths include (or will include) cheating (her or him), sharing, swinging, cuckolding, etc.

Developer: Surprise & Delight Media
File Size: 720.8 MB
Version: 0.1.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New scenes – Husband working late with Beth (introduction plus standard/repeating), Wife new night-time “meanwhile” scenes (9 different standard/repeatable/+ 1 sex scene);
  • Continuation of Husband and Boss at Work (3 new Husband event scenes, 3 new Wife event scenes);
  • New scenes – Husband and Wife at Beach (First visit full scene; plus 2 repeatable standard scenes);
  • Created “Gallery” function on Phone;
  • Text messages w/ Photos and Videos from Wife;
  • Text messages to Wife;
  • Added additional statistic adjustments based on daily activities;
  • Added a new limit on the first day of game play (NSFW);
  • Updated “Just the Tip” with new events;
  • Updated no-pov stat adjustments to reflect new events off-screen;
  • Adjusted timing of Brian shower photo.

Developer Notes:

“In Their Own Hands” is a new story in the universe of “In Her Own Hands” created by Surprise & Delight Media. Current versions of both games available through Patreon. While the game has been tested extensively, it is in active development. There may be significant changes between the “in-progress” game and the final release. Please report any bugs through email at [email protected].

Game Images & Screenshots


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