Interrogation [Demo-0.05a] By Degen Zone

Degen Zone Games released a new game called Interrogation and the version is Demo-0.05a. The game’s story is aboutIn the story a murder has been commited and its down to detective Dick Magnum (The player) to solve the mystery at hand. Dick is a part of the Degenerate Police Dept. Known for it morally ambiguous stance when it comes to actually getting any policing done and instead favouring just getting laid. Dick however can be played either way. Will you choose to solve the crime or take the easy road of getting blown by women looking to do anything or say anything to get out of trouble.

Our 3 main girls Cat, Hope and Stacy all with different agendas and motives. Are they telling the truth or are they just really good at sucking dick. Thats entirely up to your detective work, or not…​

Developer: Degen Zone
File Size: 143.5 MB
Version: Demo-0.05a
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

We are currently working on a Point and click NSFW Mystery game called “Interrogation.” We wanted to get something out to people as both an introduction to show “Hey this is what we’re working on” and as a way for us to get feedback on how things feel.

We included as much as we could into this one very small part of our much wider world. The PC as stated is one object that can be explored in Dick’s office to gain some insight into what the hell is going on. Along with uses of setting up subplots and other alternative lines of questioning should the player choose to engage with it. This is a completely optional part of the game and this demo serves mearly as a taste test for the larger game.

Game Images & Screenshots


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