Kings Fall [v0.2.6.8c] By Bastard Games

Bastard Games released a new game called Kings Fall and the version is The game’s story is about In King’s Fall, you are the Chosen One, called by an unknown figure to journey through a world and kill a King who has been chosen to meet his end. Along the way, you meet hundreds of normal, zany, sexy, and plain ol’ bat-shit insane individuals as they help you (sometimes in more ways than one) in your travels. You will pick up loot and job classes and evolve your abilities until you are the force of destruction you were chosen to be. Kings Fall will be a game where every single NPC will have importance in the world, along with their own quests and art. Be the Force, be the Chosen One!​

Developer: Bastard
File Size: 1.29 GB
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Overrides:
    If you cannot start the Mysterious House Corruption Storyline, a new Override was added to Ms Recollection in the Recollection Room.
  • New Content: Quests, Towns, Monsters, Bosses, etc.
    Added two new NPC: Matilda The Gold Digger? and Elva
    Continued Penny’s Gender Bender Questline
    Added New Friend or Traitor
    Added 5 Death Scenes centered around Dancer
    Added 2 hours of content
  • New Content: NPC’s, Character Quests, Sex Scenes.
    Added 30+ Quests to Matilda The Gold Digger?
    Added 2 new SD’s to Matilda and Elva
    Added Lovers & Corruption Choice for Matilda
    Added 18 new sex scenes to Recollection Room
    Continued The Listener’s Card Storyline
    Continued The Blacksmith’s Card Storyline
    Continued Harbor Nympho Card Storyline
    Continued The Witch Card Content
    Continued The Academy Card Content
    Added Watersports Trigger for Card content
    Remastered 8 characters SD art. Admin, Mai R, Mai B, Lucy, and Maria so most of Maple Island is now on the newer model and Mina, Utah, and Arturo for everywhere else!
    Remastered 2 sex scenes (Lucy’s Hug and Lily’s HJ/BJ)
    Added early game sex scenes for Lucy (Requires you’ve made her look youthful)
    Added Bonus Sex scene for Lilian (After The Clash)
    Added 5 Death Scenes each with a different sex scene for Dancer (Requires you’ve met Angelo)
    Added 6 Quests to the Spa Trip Storyline to those on Lily, Anna, and Sophia’s Lovers Route. Ends in a orgy
    Added 5 quests to the Hueco Mundo Card Storyline
    Added Bonus Quests for House Card Storyline
    Continued Orihime’s Corruption Route with a new Sex Scene
    Added Bonus Corruption Sex scene for AnnaxLily if you allowed Lily to still see Sid
  • New Content: Gameplay
    Added 2 new items: Pyun of Defense and Attack
    1. Pyun of Attack: Grants 5 Hits with increasing attack damage. Final attack does most DMG
    2. Pyun of Defense: Grants 25xLevel Defense Points that act like a shield. Stackable.
    Added both Pyuns to many sections of the game. Check Library
    Added 10 Relationship Stamps (Klas, Brided, Cutie, Valerie, Orihime, Academy, Lady Syl, Tasha, Malady, and Rina.)
  • QOL fixes:
    Removed 1000+ words from script (filler)
    Added a 1000 Meso Reward for new players. Will get it soon as you get through the prologue
    Included more quests in The Kerning City Skip including some Sex Scenes spread around. Should auto fill parts of The Recollection Room right away
    Added a few Alone Quests to Kerning City Epilogue to make the world feel more alive and full
    Updated a few Route Choices with exp bonuses
  • Bug Fixes:
    Fixed SD errors for Lily where she was wearing a bikini in some scenes
    Fixed Rain Corruption Route appearing despite not being on Route for it (Not canon!)
    Fixed a few Story Quests not being checked for completion if using a Kerning City Story Skip


“95% of the NTR contained in the game is optional, meaning you the player have complete control over wanting to see it or not. The remaining 5% is NTR for one of the characters in the game but there is no penetration (Only groping). It’s meant as a story mechanic that forces that character into your arms. The end result is you can then keep that character as a Lover going forward.”

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