Lashes Of The Sea [v0.1 Prototype] By Lashes Of The Sea

Lashes Of The Sea Games released a new game called Lashes Of The Sea and the version is 0.1 Prototype. The game’s story is about Ohh.. you want to join our crew.. do ya? What’s that? You are saying you were a famous captain of a slave trading ship? Had a huge crew and were surrounded by women were you? UUUHHHH… Black-Beard himself would probably tremble just hearing your name, won’t he? Any ID? No? You lost it when your ship got blown up? Yes.. very sad… anyway… No one here cares what you were, maggot. You are what you have and… you seem to have only the magical power of… nothing! Lucky for you though, we just lost a mate. And you seem to have all your limbs so… I will give you a CHANCE to prove youself as not-completely-useless. And who knows.. maybe one day… you will even have someone under your athoraty… maybe… but for now…

Developer: Lashes Of The Sea
File Size: 765 MB
Version: 0.1 Prototype
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.1 Prototype
Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Embark on our ship, see the world, gather treasures, women (or men), slaves and everything you ever dreamed of. All it takes is some curage and… ahh… a small investment… we ARE pirates after all.. what did you expect? A free pass??

Game Images & Screenshots


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