Living Together [v0.6] By Sieglinnde

Sieglinnde Games released a new game called Living Together and the version is 0.6. The game’s story is about Oliver a guy who fulfilled his dream of living alone… But then, he realized that it was anything but a dream. Boredom consumed his life… And porn too. He could hardly have imagined that his life would cross paths with the so-called true love… Making him able to achieve happiness… For better, or for worse? I invite you to find it out.

Developer: Sieglinnde
File Size: 152.2 MB
Version: 0.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Derek Route updated
  • 3 new sex scenes added
  • 1 new animation added
  • New character introduction: Christine


  • Samuel Route updated
  • 7 events added to this route
  • Derek Route updated
  • 1 event added to this route
  • Some typography errors fixed
  • Logan fixed


  • “Free roaming” beginning
  • Samuel route beginning
  • 5 new scenes added to this route
  • Derek route beginning
  • 1 new scene added to this route


  • New story progression
  • 1 new character added: Diego
  • 3 new H-scenes added
  • 1 new animation added

v0.1 Release:

  • Prologue Presentation
  • Character Introductions
  • 3 H-scenes added

Developer Notes:

Hey guys! I finally present to you my new game… I’m doing it with 2D art (tracing). It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m very happy to be able to do it! I really hope you like it. Living Together is the name… This is the first version of the game and it serves as a prologue and introduces all the characters to this world. Mostly it will focus on NTR (Mistery NTR, or that the protagonist is oblivious to it) so you know what you are going to find. In the prologue we will follow Oliver’s point of view… Although in the future, I plan for us to control mostly a female protagonist, but we will return to control Oliver at certain points… In this first version, we will only be able to control Oliver. If you are interested in knowing more about this new game, you can check my Patreon and find more content like the other game I am working on called Let the Nightshine In… As well as a comic I’m making, and much more!

Game Images & Screenshots


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