Love and Ashes [v7Jan2024] By EngelKuchKuch

EngelKuchKuch Games released a new game called Love and Ashes and the version is 7Jan2024. The game’s story is about Jovial, Blackmail’s journey​.

Developer: EngelKuchKuch
File Size: 628.5 MB
Version: 7Jan2024
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • I’m finishing the sex scene on the bus. There are many French kissing, oral sex, threesomes, and lesbian stuff.
  • Hopefully, you’ve figured out from the last version how to get to the threesome option.


  • What changes? Higher frames animation I was experimenting with higher frames animation. Thus you’ll see some smoother animations.
  • They were not easy to make. Because DAZ3D tools aren’t animation friendly. Furthermore, it cost more time to make and to render. I may add higher frames animations in the future but sparingly.
  • Secret options I play a bit with hidden menu options. They will be open if you make the “right” decisions. As a result, you may be able to see some hidden scenes. There will be a notification when you get it.
  • You’ll find these secret options experiment on the bus scene.
  • To make it easier, I’ll tell you what the hidden scenes are and hopefully you’ll be able to open them:
  • Threesome sex scene (Not complete yet)
  • Fivesome sex scene
  • v28June2023
    The story continues

The story has changed to honor patreon rules (remake)

Initial Release

Game Images & Screenshots


Before the remake


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