Lust for Life: A Sissy Story [v0.17] By MartinDrake

MartinDrake Games released a new game called Lust for Life: A Sissy Story and the version is 0.17. The game’s story is about In this game, you will play a guy, newly moved to the city with his mother, who will find himself discovering new sides to his sexuality. As you continue in your adventure you will explore this new nature of yours and deal with many other characters, both female and male, who will push you down that path.

All of the content of the game will focus on your journey of feminization and acceptance of your new sexuality with a whole growing series of events occurring as you progress through the game. The game is a spinoff of Lust for Life and is set in the same city as the main game with most of the characters already seen in the other and some new characters.​

Developer: MartinDrake
File Size: 1.11 GB
Version: 0.17
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • We have reached the long-awaited moment, in this month you will finally be able to lose your virginity.
    As anticipated in the year-end post, this month’s release and the next month’s release will be dedicated to your first time with all 7 characters with whom you have entered into a relationship. As there are as many as seven characters and wanting to properly build up this special first time of yours, I have divided the quest between February and March, so as to devote the right amount of space to each of them.
    In this month’s release before you can give your ass to your men, there will also be room for one more point in Feminization to be acquired, perhaps one of the most important. With the attainment of Feminization 12 you will acquire your full acceptance in feeling like a woman. No more doubts or second thoughts, you will begin to tell those closest to you and those with whom you will enter into closer personal relationships about your new feminine nature. In addition, your thoughts and dialogues will also be feminine from then on.
    Having acquired your full realization as a female you will be ready to lose your virginity as a real woman. Given their importance in your feminization journey, one of the first chances to lose your virginity will be with your two friends Veronica and Riley–supported by the janitor cock. It is with them that you began to feel like a real girl; is it also with them that you will bring your change to full completion?
    Another person who has been equally important in your journey is of course your best friend Logan. It was with him that you experienced the first pleasures of cock. Your first handjob, your first blowjob. Will he also be the first to have your ass?
    Logan will also be the only one of the seven characters to be a virgin like you; you may decide to share this common situation with him or perhaps devote yourself to someone with more experience–someone like the fearsome Jeff Addams. If it is not the smoothness or delicacy you are looking for in your first time, he is the man for you. Jeff will take you and use you as he sees fit without regard to your feelings nor worrying about being ‘nice’ in your first time.
    These are the first three characters you can lose your virginity to in this release, in the next there will be the next four: the bully Sean, the filthy landlord, the romantic Joshua, and the vigorous Mr. Williams.
    I recommend keeping a save before your virginity loss until next month, so you can try them all out and also see the differences in the scenes based on whether you are a virgin or not, before deciding who will be your first man.


  • Updated several media with new, better quality media.
  • Added a section on the Sex Stats page showing the person you lost your virginity to.


  • Unlocked Feminization: 12 -> [Think female, Pink dialog box, New clothes]
  • Unlocked Lust: 12 -> [Anal sex]


  • Continuation of the quest: Feminization
  • Continuation of the quest: Virginity
  • Continuation of the quest: Blow Buddy
  • Continuation of the quest: Janitor Tricked
  • Continuation of the quest: Addams Class


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