Macabre Hall [v0.1.0] By TheDuceDev

Macabre Hall [v0.1.0] By TheDuceDev

TheDuceDev Games released a new game called Macabre Hall and the version is 0.1.0. The game’s story is about You were in coma for many years (I didn’t count how many). You lived your happy live in your dream until… [DATA LOST] You woke up in your hospital bed, it was abandoned. There’s only darkness, perverted monsters and you. Escape as soon as possible if you don’t wanna get “FUN” with them. Gameplay.png Macabre Hall is a First-Person 3D Adult Survival Horror game. Find the exit while avoiding the perverted girls. Don’t forget to save your stamina, because your lungs are worse than lungs of professional smoker. Solve 999 IQ puzzles. I guess that’s enough information to save your life and virginity​

Developer: TheDuceDev
File Size: 110.8 MB
Version: 0.1.0
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Prologue Location
  • Prologue sex scene
  • Advanced Settings
  • Ability to turn on / off Post-Processing
  • 4 new languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian)
  • Mouse sensitivity

Game Images & Screenshots


Macabre Hall [v0.1.0] By TheDuceDev

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