Male’s Hunter Daily Adventure [v4.0] GuriMau

Game Storyline

Welcome to the hunt! In this game, which combines open-world elements with graphic novel, your goal is to help fulfill our protagonist’s great fantasy…. To have all the most handsome and muscular men in town for yourself. For this you will explore the city, looking for your prey in the most diverse scenarios and situations. You will also have the possibility to find your targets on TV and on the internet … the world is a big open field for your hunts.

Version Changelog


  • What’s new in this update?
  • New character: Josh!
  • Complete story for both routes.
  • Introduction of two new destinations: College and Frat House
  • Introduction of the College Painting Club and its members (Dion, Gregory, Billy and Caleb)
  • New scenes with Cody
  • Introduction of two new future target characters: Matthew and Kyle
  • Tests with a new feature in the game, animations (used mainly in sex scenes)

Game Images

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