Manor [Alpha 14] By TirelessLurker

TirelessLurker Games released a new game called Manor and the version is Alpha 14. The game’s story is about is a game in which you transform a manor full of visitors into creepy, near identical maids (or non-identical alraunes/succubi, or identical maids if you set the option). It looks like a board game, but it’s more of a sim game. It’s inspired by Escape the Manor (a Student Transfer scenario by Narg) and (with permission) the characters and flavour draw heavily from it; other inspirations include similar stuff in other games (for example Chambers of Pandemonium).​

Developer: TirelessLurker
File Size: 511.8 MB
Version: Alpha 14
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Alpha 14

  • Body swapping characters you control into monster bodies that are under your control now remain under your control
  • Changed the way corruption chance is shown to make it more visible
  • Added a succubus pendant item, which slowly increases the strength of a succubus mark on the bearer
  • Added an empower succubus mark action, which (expensively) boosts a succubus mark on a character by a little (intended as a ‘speed up process’/’get it over the line’ ability)
  • Added a succubus mark trap book
  • Traitor deal chance is now affected by the presence of other characters the target is bonded with. If they are on the manor side and the target’s corruption is at least (15 + bond level x 10) the effect from the bond with the target will be countered and instead a different amount (2.5 bond level) will be added to the chance. If they aren’t on the manor side or the target’s corruption isn’t high enough, the deal will be even less likely to succeed
  • Controlled bees can now transform visitors
  • First, they have to collect pollen from alraunes to prepare an egg. This can be set as a harvest mode, or directly ordered
  • Once they have an egg prepared, they can place an immobile visitor within it
  • The tf is the same as for regular bees, however the end result is a controlled bee
  • Visitors with the bee knowledge can stop the transformation safely, but those without will break the egg. Depending on the point the transformation is at, the victim will be released as a visitor or bee (with a chance of being controlled or not)
  • Fixed not being able to directly order bees to collect pollen
  • Fixed a lot of cases where a characters ai wasn’t being rerun after their modes were changed
  • Added a ‘prepare egg only’ harvesting option for controlled bees
  • Fixed succubus mark trap books adding a new succubus mark to characters who already have one; they instead now empower the existing mark
  • Fixed issue with many orders not working when a character is targeting someone in the same room
  • When the character set as the result of mirror cloning uses the mirror, they now get some unique text instead of being randomly transformed
  • Player action text is now offset from any action an involved character is intending to take
  • Prevented characters from recovering from incapacitation in the hive
  • Filled out the manual
  • Body swapping with an alraune now updates names; with a delay if the alraune is out of control after the swap
  • After continuing a continuable game, if you later lose the master you will now get a game over
  • Meddled to help cope with very very wide resolutions; likely that some sections aren’t quite there yet
  • Fleshed out the tutorial
  • Added a seed growth focusing override, that makes maids create/give drug/food that supports alraune seed growth instead of the default option (a character specific override will still take precedence). Can be set when viewing a yard room
  • Added a bag of mysterious fertiliser that a maid can use to transform herself into a maid
  • Added a multi-drop action
  • Adjusted identity mirror ‘no visible effect’ case to apply any stat/other differences
  • Body swap no longer reruns the ai of a character not under your control
  • Fixed the mirror not activating on a character who matches the clone target when one is set but the mirror isn’t in cloning mode
  • Fixed a few actions being able to target the hive
  • Fixed maids being able to plant themselves in any room
  • Fixed beegirl knowledge book granting no knowledge, and succubs knowledge book granting beegirl knowledge
  • Added varied maid standing images as an option
  • Added saving and loading – this involved a lot of wide reaching changes, so there’ll be issues. Includes an autosave feature
  • Fixed crash when starting with controlled beegirls who are then freed before the hive is revealed
  • Fixed a subtle issue with memories that didn’t remove duplicates of shared events when they were reshared
  • Fixed some ui sprites getting cleared when starting a new game
  • Hopefully stopped bees abducting characters becoming alraunes
  • Adjusted bee and alraune ai; particularly alraunes won’t reveal themselves to look after allies when there are hidden hostile targets
  • Hopefully fixed default order setting on controlled beegirls created via eggs
  • Controlled bees taking items somewhere should no longer break stealth
  • Orders to feed/give a visitor an alraune seed now swap to seed boosting instead of seed adding food/medicine if the target already has a seed; similarly if feeding seed boosting food/medicine and there is no seed they swap to simple meal/placebo
  • Newly spawned bees now start in the hive
  • Added some code for save safety that may cause issues with loading

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