Mariabelle’s Land of Multidimensional Glory [v1.0] By Kare Ido Sukoppu

Kare Ido Sukoppu Games released a new game called Mariabelle’s Land of Multidimensional Glory and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about Since the young master is getting to that age, Mariabelle decides to spend some time as a prostitute in order to increase her sex knowledge and become a Perfectly-Ultimate Super Maid. There’s also some sort of unrest and lack of prostitutes in the Capital, so demand is high.

Developer: Kare Ido Sukoppu
File Size: 105.9 MB
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

The game got updated (as did the translation), but translations in XUAT are version-agnostic so the translation will still work fine with any version.

  • As mentioned, this is mostly SugoiV4. I tried to clean up the UI so that everything fit in the boxes and/or more accurately described what the button did to an English-speaking audience. This involved more work than anticipated since ignoring line breaks (\n) was nice for dialogue but terrible for the investment screen. There are still spots where there’s too much to say and the lines explode out the top and bottom of the speech bubble.
  • This contains all the story: intro, main story, normal end, true end, dev’s note, and epilogue mini-stories. You can edit the Autotranslator config.ini file to disable new translations without fear of missing any content.
  • I may have missed some stuff and only did the upgrades to about level 4 (you don’t need more– or likely even that much– to clear the game), but by that point you’ll have a good enough idea of what’s going on to be fine with uncleaned MTL.
  • Due to the way XUAT works, the file only holds translations for exact lines. This means if your session rewards are 1 gold more then the entire entry needs to be translated anew. That’s why session rewards aren’t cleaned, and you’ll likely be having new translations added to the file

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