Mastering the Pink Box [v0.07] By Studio 68 Games!

Studio 68 Games! released a new game called Mastering the Pink Box and the version is 0.07. The game’s story is about The journey of Zach and his new friends. After dealing with some personal loss. Zach slowly comes into some interesting situations. Choose between caring is sharing, or keeping it all for yourself. Help your friends achieve their desires, or don’t! Let’s see where we end up!​

Developer: Studio 68 Games!
File Size: 4.20 GB
Version: 0.07
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Thank-you for your interest in the Studio 68Games! I’ve always wanted to get into creating my own game and now I have the chance. I’m hoping you’ll join me on the journey of my first game Mastering The Pink Box.


  • What types of sex are being implemented?
  • Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Sharing and Swinging.
  • Sharing and Swinging is completely optional.
  • What do you mean by sharing?
  • A large portion of the sharing is people sharing with you. Sharing who you are with is completely optional.
  • Sharing who you are with? How many Options are there?
  • Currently 5. 3 are single when you meet them and 2 are not. You can ultimately still be with others, as so far.. every girl you interact with in the game at some point there will be a chance to be with them. How you do that, or if you do that, is up to you. Some of the other girls may also become Love interests in the future.

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