May’s Summer Vacation [v0.03.0] By Otchakun

Otchakun Games released a new game called May’s Summer Vacation and the version is 0.03.0. The game’s story is about May is on Summer Vacation​

Developer: Otchakun
File Size: 148.1 MB
Version: 0.03.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.03.0 (17 Mar 2024)

  • The city is expanded after the 2nd day
  • The clothing shop is now open for purchasing the bikini
  • Working part time as a waitress is now a feature
  • 3 new Gropers scenes
  • You can now use vending machines to buy juice
  • May can now pee herself or use the toilet
  • You can now find the “May’s Diary” item in her room
  • You can now check several game statistics from May’s diary
  • Added a recollection room for viewing scenes again, available from May’s Diary

Game Images & Screenshots


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