Mech Academy [v0.5.10] By Space Samurai Games

Space Samurai Games released a new game called Mech Academy and the version is 0.5.10. The game’s story is about Mech Academy is an adult visual novel based on multiple-choice decisions. The player will take on the role of the protagonist in this story and meet different characters and try to develop a relationship with them. The player’s decisions will have an impact on the evolution of the story. “It is the year 2175, and you are the pilot of a Mech Guardian. These are giant war machines built to defend Earth from the Noxa, a ruthless alien race intent on conquering your planet. However, you do not belong to this period

you are actually Lieutenant Knight, a highly decorated soldier who lived in the 1970s. Because of a mysterious experiment, you have been catapulted two centuries into the future. Everything is new and complicated for you. Your world, the society you grew up in, is profoundly different from the one you are in now.” Following a strange series of interconnected events, you have been chosen as a pilot. Your new home is now Section 2, a training center led by Elara Sardana, a commander as charming as she is strict. Elara is a hybrid, half Earthling and half alien.
You are not the only pilot at the base; Mei Maede is a rebellious girl with a sensual attitude. From your first meeting, she will show a strong attraction to you.

Drana, on the other hand, is a Vorlanian, a princess of a people light years from Earth. Drana pilots the Ghost Mech. It will be very difficult to establish a good relationship with her; her strong, determined, dutiful, confrontational and above all hostile attitude toward you will not make life easy, but it will definitely be worth it to try to win her over.Lydia Helmer is a dark-haired girl with a delicate face. Lydia is the fourth pilot of Section 2. Like Drana, she also does not think much of you. Lydia is a very reserved, shy and closed girl. Getting her to open up to you will not be easy, but when she does, she will make you very happy.

Irina is the chief scientist. She is very smart, a genius, but she is also very absent-minded and forgetful. She has an overly accommodating nature. In Mech Academy you will have the opportunity to meet many fascinating women, all with complex and well-defined nature and behavior. Interacting with them, seducing them, making them fall in love with you will not be so easy and straightforward. Especially since you will be busy defending Earth from extraterrestrial invaders!

Developer: Space Samurai
File Size: 3.22 GB
Version: 0.5.10
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 3,000 words
  • 256 images
  • 13 animations

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