Mermaid Fishing [Demo] By Medusa Skies Studios

Medusa Skies Studios Games released a new game called Mermaid Fishing and the version is Demo. The game’s story is about Mermaid Fishing is an adult arcade game that revolves around a pirate seeking all the mermaids alive to torment and afflict physical pain by fucking them as a form of retaliation.

You will take on the role of Hunter, a pirate who went ashore to relieve his sustenance. But an unexpected storm hit the sea, causing the wreckage of your beloved ship. You prayed to the gods to send any kind of aid and help you from your current dilemma.

In an instant, a mermaid appeared out of nowhere. But despite your pleas for help, the mermaid swam away, leaving you alone in your sinking ship. Before you knew it, you found yourself on an unknown island with an amputated hand. Due to that, you promised to hunt down all the mermaids and let them suffer for what they did 15 years ago. Can you capture all those mermaids and avenge what you’ve lost?

Developer: Medusa Skies Studios
File Size: 187.2 MB
Version: Demo
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

    Catch all the required mermaids before the time runs out to finish the level. Every five (5) level is a special level. A new obstacle with different abilities will appear in every special level you finish.
  • Hold the CTRL button to disable the hook movement and control your mouse freely to catch a mermaid.
    Use your mouse to move the hook.
    Touch the screen and slide to move the hook.
  • Take note: You will encounter different enemies along the way. Make sure not to catch them, as they will consume much of your time.

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