Mind Luda [v1.33] By Cli Pick

Cli Pick Games released a new game called Mind Luda and the version is 1.33. The game’s story is about

The Warrior Selection Tournament. It was a competition held by the “Luda Religious Association” to select and recruit strong fighters.

In order to save her husband Yuiya, who was captured by Luda false charges, Segi decided to dress in black for battle, despite being a woman, and join the Warrior Selection Tournament under the guise of the “Black Sorceress,” deceiving those around her.

One condition was imposed for having one’s name listed as a warrior in this tournament. That was to take Luda ‘s secret potion, which enhances one’s body, and then participate in the competition.

However, this rare drug called “Mind Luda ,” bearing the name of the Luda Religious Association, had another characteristic in addition to promoting physical enhancement.

That was an intense aphrodisiac effect that burned the body day and night, consuming it fiercely.

With approximately 30 days left until the fateful final battle… the Warrior Selection Tournament finals, the aphrodisiac effect of Mind Luda would reach its peak on the eve of the finals, entwining her body and leaving her unable to resist.

Will Segi be able to overcome the lustful whirlwind of the Warrior Selection Tournament and save her beloved family…?

Developer: Cli Pick
File Size: 1.22 GB
Version: 1.33
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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