Mizari Loves Company [v0.7.4] By Reine Works

Reine Works Games released a new game called Mizari Loves Company and the version is 0.7.4. The game’s story is about After forming a mercenary band with her friend Nerui and a vagabond named Merrick, Mizari set out to help quell the attacks by the antagonistic demon nation. How, then, did Mizari find herself living at the Demon King’s castle? Worse yet, she finds herself falling for a demon! Follow Mizari as she copes with learning that things aren’t always as they appear, and that some things aren’t simply black or white. With your help, her worldview will completely change, and she may even be able to change things for the better.​

Developer: Reine Works
File Size: 382.9 MB
Version: 0.7.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Mimi Chapter 1 + 2 unlocked
    • Some characters may lack voices. This is because we’re in the process of recording custom voices for them since we thought giving them generic NPC voices would be distracting.
    • Some characters may have placeholder generic sprites. These will be fixed for next time.
  • New feature: Statistics Page
    • In-game, you may now check out how much affection you have with each character, as well as how many of their endings you’ve unlocked and whether or not you’ve seen their post-credits scene. You can also check your grand total of unlocked endings.
  • Anja’s post-credits scene has been given an additional condition to unlock. It no longer automatically plays after getting the Good Ending. You must now break the 15 affection point threshold for it to play.
  • Anja’s Route bad endings and epilogue have been added to the Scene Replay function.
    • If you’ve previously viewed Anja’s epilogue, you will need to view it from start to finish one more time for it to appear in Scene Replay. You can use the Text Skip function for this, however.
  • Misc. small visual glitches have been fixed
  • A huge amount of typo/grammar/plot/wording fixes for Anja’s Route. Mostly the latter, of course. We went through and smoothed out + clarified a lot of language so it would flow better.
  • Small additional scene if you’ve gone through with Anja’s first intimate encounter.

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