MonGirl Conquest [v0.2.0] By Yeehaw Games

Yeehaw Games released a new game called MonGirl Conquest and the version is 0.2.0. The game’s story is about Staging in the same world as Yorna, MonGirl Conquest takes place after Yorna’s original history. Humans and monster girls learn to co-exist with each other, but everything is far from ideal. Humans start to expand and create settlements close to monster girls’ territory. This calls for a new job – monster girl hunter. You will be one of them. Catch monster girls, seduce them, and teach them that not all humans are dangerous or evil. Features: fully animated and voiced sex scenes with monster girls, naming of your own character, dynamic exploration, and management system. Build your own Mongirl bar and reap the profits!

Expand your camp, fill it with monster girls, and mount expeditions to different islands and biomes with various girls. Find different monster girls with their own characters and have fun with them in animated and voiced sex scenes. It’s up to you how you want to approach each encounter.​

Developer: Yeehaw Games
File Size: 436.0 MB
Version: 0.2.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.2.0 Public

  • H content
  • Let’s start with the lewd stuff. There’s a new H scene that tied to the main quest. It’s a combo with both Catarina and Cleo. You can check out the preview here. To get it, just follow the main quest and complete an exploration run. I plan to add extra phases to it in the next update. Couldn’t do it this time since I’ll need to experiment with 2 animation skeletons in the same scene for the first time. This needs long testing before the release. Still, all the new motions are already in.
  • Plus, v0.2 comes with 3 Spine scene updates. Namely, these are lynx mommy blowjob, cheetah doggy, and young butterfly blowjob. You don’t need to re-seduce the girls to see the new scenes. The upgraded scenes are available in exploration zones, home evening dates and gallery automatically, if you unlocked them earlier.
  • New features and activities
  • Two new girls join the cast. The first one will meet you in the desert zone in the future update, young fennec. You can see her preview here. The second one, Eve, is already in the game and plays a part in a new quest. Here’s her preview. Just visit the bar after progressing the main quest far enough and a new cutscene will trigger.
  • I’m more or less done with the first batch of new exploration features. Remember the charm Cleo gave you? That wasn’t just a bauble. After finishing the first main quest, you’ll encounter a special zone with mini-quest for your current run. Like seduce X girls, or get Y coins during this exploration run. As a reward, you’ll get special gems that you can exchange for items.
  • One such item is a magic lamp. It will allow you to affect what you’ll encounter during the run by changing some encounters to what you need. Searching for that rare encounter monster girl that was added in the last patch? No problem! Just use the lamp and change one of the encounters on the current exploration map to a rare mongirl encounter. These are consumables, so one lamp = one wish.
  • Another item is mastery gem. Take one with you during the exploration run and seduce any girl in the minimal amount of turns to impress the ancient hunters. The game will change its color and type. If you’ll encounter this mongirl type in the future, you will have an option to seduce her automatically. Such gems aren’t consumed on the auto-seduction, and can be used forever. One charged gem, one girl type. So, if you want to get them all – prepare several gems! Just to be clear, I’m talking about seducing by touching, not combat encounters.
  • Hopefully, this will make your exploration runs a bit spicier. Of course, more items and other bonuses will come if the future. What do you think about these changes? Don’t be shy to share your thoughts!
  • Backlog option is fully enabled for both desktop and mobile platforms. For desktop, you can use the Tab button to call the backlog during any dialogue. You can also use this feature any time from the on-map menu. There’s a new button, “Backlog”, which works for all platforms. You can scroll with arrow keys on the desktop. Alternatively, you can click on the up and down arrows on the screen. Tapping and holding does the same on mobile platforms. The backlog holds the last 20 messages.
  • Fixed the FAQ and Patreon buttons in the main menu. Despite waiting for more than half a year, Patreon response was a gentler version of “Not our problem, lul”. I tinkered with the code a bit and changed the external link to use your default browser instead of the in-game window. Testing on several platforms didn’t reveal any problems with these. If you encounter any – contact me via [email protected].
  • Small fixes and improvements
  • Changed how serving drinks to customers works in the bar mini-game. Now you can serve drinks directly to the customer and not the table. This is already 100% working, but the whole deal is still an ongoing process. To do this change, I had to sacrifice the randomization for clients’ sprites. I’m planning to restore character diversity, but with no luck at the moment. Eh, even if their sprites will be the same, it’s a good convenience change that players wanted to see.
  • Fixed the clothing sound during seduction phases for Mommyfly both in exploration zones and evening dates.
  • Adjusted the preloading for some Spine scenes. In theory, this should help with scene loading times on older systems. Android is still pretty slow, but it’s just RPG Maker – Spine engine link that I can’t really fix on my own.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Mommyfly’s doggy scene from starting in certain circumstances.
  • Added a missing text block if you failed to seduce Mommyfly in exploration zones.
  • Fixed young bear’s sprite. It was loading over the encounter user interface.
  • Fixed a bug that reset girls working in the bar. If you’ll get this effect in the current version, just talk with Mike in the bar and enter the working girls menu. You don’t need to change anything there. The girls will update properly after this.
  • Adjusted the main quest journal entry. Now, it directly states that you need a camp upgrade to get the potion for Cleo.

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