MUGEN: Definitive Edition [v1.0] By Inconsistent Champion

Inconsistent Champion Games released a new game called MUGEN: Definitive Edition and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about This game has a total focus on anal sex and blowjobs in different positions, none of the characters are my own, I just create new sprites for the animations to go from vaginal to anal, the game has a simple control list for each aggressor, i.e. , Inside is a folder that also shows all the missionary animations, so it is very easy to learn the sexual command -_-, the game is divided into 2 versions, both share the same maps and characters, the additional one is only for the “lolicon” tag “, it adds some characters of this type…, IF there is a character that you don’t like in this game (like pokemons, some attackers…), there is a super simple guide on how to remove any character in the animations folder,

Developer: Inconsistent Champion
File Size: 1.68 GB
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • I’m back to work friends, the animations of some victims were changed to blowjobs, the game is practically 50% blow and 50% anal
  • now I have completely separated the “lolicon” characters, so you will find two versions to download, the normal version and the additional version (this version adds about 7 loli characters, including attackers)
  • tried to correct as much audio as possible to be coherent with the animations, I customized some maps, the old characters are back, but now it will be much easier to use, and I also improved the “control list”, I made it as simple as possible It’s as easy as possible for everyone to understand, there’s a folder with just the animations and commands, take a quick look before playing
  • Now I’m planning to modify the doggystyle customizations for blowjob, some characters in this version already have them
  • There is a page on Rule34video of mine that cont

Developer Notes:

  • this game is my modification of MUGEN, I create pixel arts and some animations (I also intend to publish them to the public soon), I am a completely autonomous creator, I haven’t had the slightest opportunity to study anything about pixelart, animations or programming, so I learned everything by myself, in this game I modify several animations of existing characters, in Mugen people only created animations of vaginal sex, basic oral sex or gay sex, my proposal is to bring to this game animations of anal sex, facefuck and thoatfuck in various poses (since it seems that the developers don’t know that this type of sex exists :/)
  • I intend to continue working on this game and also launch my independent pixelart modifications soon, I didn’t focus much on mugen in the last few months because I was prioritizing pixel arts (of which I do the same thing, transforming vaginal into anal and so on)
  • for those who wish to add their own characters, or downloaded characters, you must take the .rar that you downloaded, extract it, and place the “character” folder in “chars”, after that, copy the name of the folder (without modifying the name, just copy), go to the “data” folder, open the “select.def” file using notepad, and scroll down until you find the list with the names of all the characters, in which each line is a character (an empty line is not is considered in the game, so it won’t change anything in the selection, but if you want to leave an empty space on the selection screen, just write “empty” in a line in the character list in “select.def”)
  • for those who already know “vselect” and find it extremely better than manually editing the character list, I agree, it’s much better, but some of the characters in this version bug vselect and make it not work (you don’t even want to open it ) so unfortunately only the “manual option” remains.

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