My Dorm [v0.16.2 P2 Ch.4.2] By Tropecita Games

Tropecita Games released a new game called My Dorm and the version is 0.16.2 P2 Ch.4.2. The game’s story is about A man, Mark by default but can be changed, who returns home after college to find that his father has fled to the Caribbean with his mistress, after years of embezzling money at his job, leaving his now ex-girlfriend at home without money. The main character will have to help turn the family home into a college dorm while reconnecting with the people he left behind when he started college in another city.

The game will show how old relationships are renewed, as well as the creation of new ones, with our character deciding which women to start these relationships with. The first chapter features eight girls/women with whom there was a previous relationship; in the following chapters new women will be introduced, both previously known by the character, as well as new relationships to develop.

Developer: Tropecita
File Size: 2.51 GB
Version: 0.16.2 P2 Ch.4.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v.0.16 (Part 2-Chapter4) (2024-03-05)

(Daily production when relevant) – Rank – (Game total/Part 2)

  • 30,083 words in English (700) – 1st – (417,729/105,779)
  • 28,015 words in Spanish (652) – 1st – (389,174/98,883)
  • 2,165 dialogue lines – 1st – (29,651/7,713)
  • 1,686 still images – 2nd – (17,891/6,637)
  • 17 Animations – 7th – (298/88)
  • 2,272 animated frames – 2nd – (17,056/8,631)
  • 3,958 total renders (92) – 3rd – (34,947/15,268)
  • 43 development days – (645/167)
  • 22 new songs/sfx – (/95 for Part 2)
  • Reconverted every image (6,680) in Part 2 with a new converter so the noise produced by the old one was removed.

Table of Contents

  • Martha – Emma’s continuation after the teaser.
  • Taking Meemaw to the doc (pre-open the path).
  • Running with Debbie (open the path).
  • Shooting Lessons and Knowing more about Eva.
  • Lunch with Eva. Introduction to the family.
  • Calling Maddie (three mini-scenes).
  • Conversation with Saira. More about her (final choice about her path).
  • Picking up Megan.
  • Martha’s pregnancy test results (positive and negative scenes).
  • Norah’s pregnancy test results (positive and negative scenes).
  • Picking up Amanda (teaser).

Developer Notes:

Welcome to our game. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed making it. Thanks for your time playing it. English is not our first language, so we would appreciate it if you can inform us of any errors you find or expressions that don’t sound natural in English. The game features an integrated Walkthrough that you can choose to activate when you begin the game. You can choose between English and Spanish at the beginning of the playthrough. The incest patch is recommended, although the game works fine without it, with unique dialogs if the game is patched or unpatched.

It should be installed before starting a playthrough. The five girls/women you live with at game start can be renamed, also the MC. To avoid duplicate names, these are the names for other characters that will appear in future updates (more to come) : Female Names: Scarlett, Saira, Eileen, Farren, Sophie, Maddie, Megan, Anna, Eva, Alexia, Samantha, Simone, Kim(berly), Debbie, Ami, Lisa, Kiara, Patricia (Patty), Hailey, Kate, Nia, Zoe, Christy, Olivia. Male Names: Jonas, Edmund, Jack, Tony, Jamaal

Game Images & Screenshots


Universal Update only*
v0.15.1 -> v0.16.2
v0.15.1 -> v.0.16.2 Compressed: MEDIAFIRE – MEGA – MIXDROP – PIXELDRAIN – WORKUPLOAD


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