My Pervy Poltergeist [v0.7.1] By Poopcicle

Poopcicle Games released a new game called My Pervy Poltergeist and the version is 0.7.1. The game’s story is about David thought he was going to start off college on terrible footing after the end of his high school days went awry. The last thing he expected was to make a great friend on day one, let alone four! If that wasn’t enough, strange circumstances set him up for a roommate that will utterly flip his world upside-down.​

Developer: Poopcicle
File Size: 4.38 GB
Version: 0.7.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 8 new story lewd scenes.
  • 4 “Sextra” lewd scenes (end of chapter extras).
  • 22 new animations.
  • +1900 renders.
  • Typo cleanup and minor story retcons.


  • 5 new unlockable lewd scenes.
  • 8 new lewd animations.
  • A relationship choice for players with 4+ points with multiple girls at the same time by the end of a chapter.
  • Framework for optional sex scenes at the end of each chapter.
  • Added trigger warning upon game start up for themes of s**cide and sexual assault
  • Minor typos and grammar cleanup
  • Fixed issue regarding preserving saves for future chapters from v0.5


  • Official start of romance paths for one of the 4 main girls.
  • 5 new unlockable lewd scenes.
  • Point indicator for choices.
  • Added an Android version.
  • Also fixed some typos and story inconsistencies from v4.0 for those who played the Patreon release.

Developer Notes:

My Pervy Poltergeist (working title) is a “slice-of-life” eroge romance VN with a paranormal twist. This is my very first VN as a total nub using the Ren’py engine, so progress will probably be erratic at best for the foreseeable future. This is more of a proof-of-concept for now, hoping I can attract a little bit of talent (like an animator) to help me out eventually.

The goal is to create a rich story with characters you grow to love and adore, following their antics, relationships and drama, as well as an intriguing mystery behind David’s friendly ghost. There will be several paths to go down with regards to romance, for the current build however, this a 100% linear story.

Chapters 1 and 2 are available so far, I hope you enjoy!

Game Images & Screenshots


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