My Wanton MIL [v0.2.0] By Another Vision Studios

Another Vision Studios Games released a new game called My Wanton MIL and the version is 0.2.0. The game’s story is about This game tells the story of Jason, Alyssa, and Melody(The MIL). Jason is an orphan who became successful and rich after overcoming many struggles. But the one dream he had was to have a family of his own making, which would not be possible due to infertility. Alyssa is Jason’s wife and she loves him dearly. Still, the struggles with fertility issues on both ends led her to start pushing him away, not because she didn’t love him but because she blamed herself, and started believing Jason would be better off with another woman. That’s where Melody came in, Jason invited her into their home because he knew the only person who could reach Alyssa and stop her would be her stepmother. Thus, he invited her to stay with them for an undefined amount of time.

Developer: Another Vision Studios
File Size: 2.80 GB
Version: 0.2.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Bug fix:

  • Fixed the bug causing the sound volume to reset whenever you skipped time.
  • Fixed the bug causing you to get locked out of the configuration menu when a scene started.
  • Fixed the bug preventing you from accessing the scenes in the gallery.
  • Fixed bug causing the text to stutter and the game to freeze.
  • Fixed the bug for when you buy weed the Melody, the weed never reset.
  • Changed a few UI elements that were too big and unnecessarily occupied much of the screen.
  • Total overhaul of the navigation system which gave me the chance to expand the game world, and there will be more expansions in the future.
  • I swapped a few renders that were too dark, but I think I might have to change more. (So give me your feedback guys!)
  • Added a saving function for the game setting so now even if you turn off the game, the settings will remain the same as you adjusted.
  • Added a text log button in case you want to re-read the text.
  • Added in the settings a controller for the text speed.
  • Add more content to Alyssa’s route, and 2 more repeatable sex scenes as well.

Initial release.

Developer Notes:

If the NTR tag makes you think that the MC will be a submissive and wimpy cuckold, you’re sorely mistaken, you will not find this type of content in this game, and maybe not in any of my other games in the future, at least not when it comes to the MCs.

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