Mythic Manor [v0.21] By Jikei

Jikei Games released a new game called Mythic Manor and the version is 0.21. The game’s story is about Mythic Manor is a free adult interactive visual novel game offering a new home and a new world. Delve deep into your fantasies and experience the day-to-day life of sharing a manor with five gorgeous “mythic girls”. Spend time and build relationships with the characters you like in currently over 70 unique character events plus special hidden events! The game is developed with Ren’Py solely by me, Jikei.​

Developer: Jikei
File Size: 3.88 GB
Version: 0.21
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • v0.21 is a Nefari-heavy update, bringing six new events for your favorite sphinx girl. There’s also a new Naira event, a new Sunday event, and a special event for Jade. As for the side girls, Astrid, Iris, Kumi, and a new girl, Maeve, all have one or more new events.
  • A lot of work has been done on some areas around the city. The mall is now complete, with a new record store, food court, and washroom area (featuring some RNG scenes). New areas include Sakura Park, a pawn shop and alley, Caulkins Lab, and Munch Mart (still in progress).
  • There also has been a few major UI improvements, such as the new Scene Gallery and the new Character Relationships screen (seen below)! The Character Relationships screen now has stars that show whether or not a girl has any more events left. A yellow star means the girl still has more events in the current version, gray means she has no more left.
  • The Scene Gallery is now way more organized and scrollable. I recently added captions as well. Also, 27 old manor girl events have been added to the gallery. For one reason or another, we didn’t add these events to the gallery back in the day, but they are there now!
  • Another new thing in v0.21: All the images in the game’s intro have been recreated in better quality. These were basically the first images I created for Mythic Manor, so some of them looked a bit dated.
  • A new passcode has been added for Mythic Admirers to unlock all patron wallpapers at once instead of individually. Check the recent Monthly Art posts for this code!
  • Everything else in v0.21 can be seen below in the patch notes!
    New Content in v0.21:
  • Main Girls:
    1 main event for Naira
    6 main events for Nefari
    1 Sunday event
    1 special event for Jade
  • Side Girls:
    1 main event for Astrid
    2 main events for Iris
    4 main events for Kumi
    New character added – Maeve
    2 main events for Maeve
  • Additional Content:
    Areas added – Mall: Record Store, Food Court, Washroom
    Area added – Sakura Park
    Area added – Pawn Shop
    Area added – Caulkins Lab
    Area added – Munch Mart (in progress)
    New redone Scene Gallery
    Added 27 older events to the Scene Gallery
    New redone Character Relationships screen
    Recreated all the images in the game’s intro
  • Everything Else:
    New passcode to unlock all patron wallpapers
    Updated the in-game map
    Made bulletin board more obvious at start of game
    Added code to unlock all patron wallpapers (for $10+ patrons)
    Altered save/load/main menu text slightly
    Lowered requirements for Dahlia’s and Seren’s level 1 events
    Lowered requirements in Sunday waterpark event
    Changed some Iris dialogue in Fanora level 18
    Updated code to be compatible with Python 3
    Added 4 music tracks
    Added $20+ patron names to PC
    Added new patron wallpapers to PC
    Fixed a few minor bugs & text mistakes
    Updated hints, scene gallery and official walkthrough


brings new main events for Fanora, Velle, Iris, Astrid, Vana, Miya, Francene, and The Pantheon girls. We also added several new area to visits – the Backstreets, Alley, Iris’ Apartment Inside, Beatrix’s House, and The Pantheon!

Cheat codes:

Current $5+ codes:

  • gamewiz – gives you 10,000 Arcade tokens [v0.17+]
  • mythmoney – gives you $1000
  • mythmazuma – gives you $10,000
  • mythmoola – sets your money to $999,999
  • boobtokens – gives you 100,000 MasturChat tokens


  • hiresearch – maxes your research skill (once unlocked)
  • masterbaiter – maxes your fishing skill
  • hardworker – maxes your pay raise for article writing
  • profapper – sets your porn watched to 100,000
  • swoleaf – maxes your strength skill (50) [v0.11+]


  • seenscenes – unlocks all gallery scenes
  • 7days – adds seven days to the calendar
  • usernamechange – changes your username on MasturChat
  • ezjade – sets Jade’s donations to $1200 and removes certain donating restrictions
  • glowup – makes Magic Lake glow at night
  • nopill – makes it so that having sex with Jessa never impregnates her (except for in her story event)
  • fixpill – reverts the “nopill” code. Having sex with Jessa will impregnate her again
  • nomilk – if Jessa is pregnant, she will instantly become not pregnant
  • begone – prevents girls from randomly inviting you to do things. Enter the code again to undo it [v0.11+]
  • loomorn – lets you choose which girl will be in the bathroom in the morning [v0.11+]
  • loonight – lets you choose which girl will be in the bathroom at night [v0.11+]
  • poolmorn – lets you choose which girl will be in the pool in the morning [v0.11+]
  • poolnight – lets you choose which girl will be in the pool at night [v0.11+]
  • freeseren – allows you to proceed with Seren’s storyline if you chose not to previously [v0.13+]

Current public codes:

  • namechange – changes your name

Game Images & Screenshots



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