New Life Project [v0.5.9] By Nota Bao

New Life Project [v0.5.9] By Nota Bao

Nota Bao Games released a new game called New Life Project and the version is 0.5.9. The game’s story is about You are a young and beautiful 18-year-old girl from Riverton Heights, woken up unbeknownst to where she is. Can you survive with no recollection of your past?​

Developer: Nota Bao
File Size: 656.8 MB
Version: 0.5.9
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Removed the Constantin wait function as it is only going to cause problems.
  • Added more ways for Zack to acknowledge your company, if you’re dating him, meaning less chance of him breaking up with you.
  • The questDays variable should now start at one instead of 0 for returning players, immediately beginning the countdown to new quests.
  • Socializing in the bar will now advance time every other time you socialize.
  • Added a new interaction to socializing in the bar, before afternoon. This interaction comes with a fun scene.
  • If you don’t have any working experience with the cafe, taking the bar job first now means you have to go through a small training period. This will last for a few shifts before Jason pulls you into his office to promote you to regular bartender.
  • Added better tips to the bar job if you’ve been promoted.
  • Shifted some exisiting scenes in the bar job, so that you can now only see these once you’ve been promoted.
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Added a new character: Tommy! He appears in the bar, where he will approach you. This is an extremely rare event, and requires you to have been promoted in the bar. After meeting tommy initially in the bar, he will give you his number from which you can call him to pick you up and take you to his apartment. His apartment features a bedroom, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. There’s fun scenes in his apartment.
  • Added another event to the bar once you’ve been promoted, a man will come up and ask to show you a fun time. This is the same man that has a 1/100 chance of being Tommy.
  • Added increased lovepoints for Zack
  • Added increased lovepoints for Chloe
  • Added increased lovepoints for Otto
  • Added increased lovepoints for Noah
  • Added increased lovepoints for Lily
  • Fixed not being able to show appreciation to the driver you’re hitching a ride from to the bum-den
  • You should no longer be able to work into the Asleep timeblock, if you work at the alley.
  • You should no longer encounter a blank screen while trying to enter the club on the public version, you should now be shown the appropriate screen.
  • Zack’s rent increase should now work properly, and increase up until 1800 to push the player to find better and more lucrative jobs
  • Added rewards to the unlockables
  • Added support for at least 4 more unlockables
  • Changed some background structure from if/else to switch/case for better support
  • Removed unnecessary whitespace
  • Added an image to Chloe entering the kitchen in the luxury apartment, if you’re currently dating her
  • Changed the doctor office image in the intro the a different office, instead of the therapists office.
  • Added a new job! The nurse job, which will give you a few different tasks. The nurse job so far has very little scening, but is a fun job.
  • Added a new bi-character, prospected to receive more story in future updates: Luna!
  • Fixed some text issues with the bar when you’re not working there
  • Changed some timeblock dependent flavortext in the bar
  • Added 57 new images!
  • We’ve hit 100K+ words! Good going!
  • Added Tommy and the Nurse job to the cheat menu
  • Nerdy specs
    • 100.176 words! (Patron version)
    • 7.395 words added!
    • 828 passages (Patron version)
    • 46 passages added
    • Special thanks to Taulion for playtesting and helping with this update!

Game Images & Screenshots


New Life Project [v0.5.9] By Nota Bao

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