Niramare Quest [v1.18] By Sexecute

Sexecute Games released a new game called Niramare Quest and the version is 1.18. The game’s story is about The protagonist, who died young, is reincarnated in a different world by a goddess, bestowed with the ability to ‘sexually arouse women of lower levels than oneself’. He is summoned as the ‘hero of prophecy’ to a queen country where haughty busty nymphomaniacs dominate men in a female supremacist society. No matter how arrogant, how formidable, or how wicked a woman may be, once sexually aroused, they can only fall to their knees to a penis in a humiliating expression. The adventure of the protagonist, leveling up and having sex, is about to begin now!

Developer: Sexecute
File Size: 2.71 GB
Version: 1.18
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v1.01 (2024-05-15)
Fixed image folder structure for patch

Developer Notes:

  • If you already have v1.18 of the game, you can download just the patch and extract the files into your game’s www folder to apply the patch. If you don’t already have the game, then download the prepatched version. Please tell me if you encounter any errors, untranslated text, or typos in the patch or prepatched game.
  • Tip: If quest objectives take up too much screen space, you can disable them in the options menu.
  • Genre
    Hack & Slash RPG
  • Number of H-scenes
    200 or more
    (each heroine 30 or more, story/subquests 20 or more, sub characters/mob characters 60 or more)
  • Number of CG images
    Basic: 90 or more
    Total variations: 2000 or more
  • Number of Endings
    4 types
  • Estimated Playtime
    Approximately 5-10 hours

Game Images & Screenshots


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