No Such Luck [v0.3] By CSkin Games

CSkin Games released a new game called No Such Luck and the version is 0.3. The game’s story is about As a young man, he left home immediately after high school, and has spent the last two years alone, in seclusion recovering (From what? You’ll find out in the Prologue!), and is finally ready to re-enter the world, ready to join his friends in college. Will it be drugs, sex and rock’n’roll? Or did he never truly get over what happened?

Developer: CSkin
File Size: 2.88 GB
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Fixed a few display errors with the phone, including some with text messages.
  • Added a “Close” button on Chuck’s music menu as well as a scrollbar. Also edited his objective list to note that he only offers music changes (for now).
  • 1 new minigame. It happens as part of the story but as usual if minigames are turned off, there’s alternative ways through. (Also, it’s directly related to the hunt).
  • Fixed a few typos/errors/bugs that hopefully no one even noticed!
  • Changed a few objectives to be a bit more clear.
  • Added a confirmation box when exiting dorm mini-FRs. If it’s unclear, dorm miniFRs are mostly a time to catch up on phone minigames if you have them turned on and want to earn credits, as well as dealing with a number of optional text messages.
  • New phone app – scavenger hunt task list! For now only one task is “hidden” (as well as one setup for a future task), all others either occur as part of the story, occur on certain paths, or you’ll get prompts to tackle them or not. In CH3 a few more ‘hidden’ tasks will be available. The task list app shows all tasks, their point value, which ones you’ve completed, and if any have been failed (missed entirely or declined). An in-game tutorial will go over most of the basics.
  • Reworked the images on the Main menu, as well as all special renders – Apparently my monitor settings were messed up when they were initially created, and they were WAY overdone. They should be approximately 172% better now.
  • For the duration of the scavenger hunt, the phone will be available at all times, but hidden. Mouseover on the top left of the screen to display and open the phone. Do note: minigames are not available outside of freeroams. (Except those that occur along the story)
  • 3 New wallpapers, 10 new renders added to Credit shop. (Available as hidden objects if minigames are disable

v0.1 Initial Release
Over 1600 total renders, 17,000+ words of dialogue, and over 40 unique music tracks. ~1hr of playable content.

Developer Notes:

I mentioned a scavenger hunt right? Well here’s the list of items you need for it!

Well…. the first word of each item on the hunt anyway.

Game Images & Screenshots


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