NTR RPG Ochikano ~Please Tell Me Why You, Who Used to be Just Mine, Became a Woman~ [v1.05] By engawamania

engawamania Games released a new game called NTR RPG Ochikano ~Please Tell Me Why You, Who Used to be Just Mine, Became a Woman~ [v1.05] By engawamania and the version is 1.05. The game’s story is about This work is a battle-free exploration RPG. In the first half, the heroines spend their daily lives freely exploring Suo City, where they live, in a total of 50 turns (10 days of free school attendance before summer break x morning, noon, evening, night, and midnight), collecting flags for route branches. Once the second part of the route has been decided, you will be able to see her gradual corruption by the other men.

(There is also a pure love route without H scenes.) This work is centered on the idea that high-quality NTR stems from high-quality pure love. It is a bit forced, but in the first half, it is possible to capture more than 1 men at the same time(?). It is also possible to make Shino experience various things before the branching.​

Developer: engawamania
File Size: 1.26 GB
Version: 1.05
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

◆ Special features
・Original world map + Interactive guide ON/OFF function
・Smartphone system (first half)
・110 SNS patterns (first half)
・Message app system using ☆500 images☆ (first half)
・Original menu
・H status & progress + experienced behavior confirmation
・Name + nickname setting
・Reminiscences of the past released by obtaining memorabilia items
・Standing pictures that move around, such as blinking and lip-syncing

■ Implemented functions (QoL)
・World map fast travel
・Reminiscence room
・Clear window
・Skip message
・Supports mouse/gamepad operation

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