Operation Dark Side: Holy War Maiden Annihilation Operation [v1.6] By Darkness Lab

Darkness Lab Games released a new game called Operation Dark Side: Holy War Maiden Annihilation Operation and the version is 1.6. The game’s story is about Long ago, an evil organization named the “Forren Foundation” almost conquered the world using soldiers and powerful monsters. However, their ambitions were shattered by powerful girls known as “Holy War Maidens”. Currently, the defeated foundation has lost almost all its forces to the Holy War Maidens and is forced to operate underground. “Your mission is to defeat all the Holy War Maidens”. Capture all the Holy War Maidens, brainwash them, and lead them into darkness!​

Developer: Darkness Lab
File Size: 717.8 MB
Version: 1.6
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Bug fix for auto battle
  • Addition of resolution settings
  • Bug fix: Sometimes the scenario turns white when FPS drops below 60

Developer Notes:

  • Asaho Sasatani
    A gentle rookie saint core princess
    Has recently awakened the power of the saint core princess, but her combat abilities are already at a level where she can defeat ordinary monsters alone
    “Asaho appears! Get ready, you evil monsters!”
  • Kiyo Tono Elena
    An overwhelming Saint Core Valkyrie with immense power. She is the daughter of a prestigious family and reigns as the de facto top of the academy where many elite Saint Core Valkyries gather. ‘Oh dear… Were there still leftovers?’

Game Images & Screenshots


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