Orchid Rain Mission 07 [v0.9.1.1] By DorumekaGamedev

Orchid Rain Mission 07 [v0.9.1.1] By DorumekaGamedev

DorumekaGamedev Games released a new game called Orchid Rain Mission 07 and the version is The game’s story is about Lewd first person shooter daring to explore the sexual possibilities of the FPS genre. Featuring playful erotism and cartoonish violence, Orchid Rain will let you choose your playstyle by giving you non-lethal, as well as more dangerous weapons. With a coming vast selections of weapons and equipment in the future, this game will strive to give you huge replayability value with a sandboxish environment where you can hangout and unlock lewd content to play around at your own pace and taste.​

Developer: DorumekaGamedev
File Size: 721.3 MB
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

  • V.
    • Updated Secret Outpost map
      • Improved performance
      • You don’t need to updated the whole game to see improvements
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed the new stockings textures. The toe caps are colored appropriately now
      • Fixed an issue that affected the Doru suits for the stored characters which prevented boots to be deactivated on spawn
      • Fixed a visual issue that made head accessories not be deactivated in the Customization panel in the Character Management terminal

Developer Notes:


  • WASD – movement
  • Ctrl – crouch
  • C – toggle crouch
  • Space – jump
  • E – interact
  • Left click – primary fire
  • Right click – weapon utility / secondary fire
  • P – Photo mode
    • C – take a screenshot in photo mode
  • Z – Toggle HUD
  • G – Throw a Doruball to spawn a character as reinforcement

AI Battle Controls

  • Left click – Grab ragdoll
  • Right click + mouse movement – Orbit camera
  • Right click + E/Q or mouse wheel – Zoom in/out
  • Right click + WASD – Orbit movement
  • Right click + Space/Ctrl or C – Move camera up/down
  • P – Photo mode
    • C – take a screenshot in photo mode
  • Esc – Exit spectator mode

Sex Controls

When in Sex Research, in The Institute, press Esc key to open the sex menu.

  • 1st person
    • 9 number key – Equip dildo
    • Left click + mouse movement – Move dildo forwards/backwards and left/right
    • Left click + right click + mouse movement – Move dildo up/down
  • 2nd person
    • Use slider at the bottom to set the animation speed
      • Faster speeds will fill the orgasm bar faster
    • Orgasm bar
      • Shows how close to orgasm is the character
      • When the bar is filled, a button will appear to make the character have an orgasm
      • As this bar fills, the animations will change
    • Right click – Orbit camera
    • Right click + Mouse wheel/Q and E – Zoom in/out
    • Right click + W A S D – move camera
    • Right click + C/Spacebar – move camera down/up

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras: Secret Outpost Map

Orchid Rain Mission 07 [v0.9.1.1] By DorumekaGamedev

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