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NoMeme Games released a new game called Phoenixes and the version is 0.10. The game’s story is about The story of PHOENIXES takes place in a world where both magic and science are well developed, a world where the superhero is really a thing. You, a wanderer in the junction between light and shadow, are now dragged into the cusp of the fight between heroes and villains. The city is falling apart and justice is being corrupted, you will have to take the responsibility and … … … … Nah, that sounds boring, why don’t you just enjoy an easy life in this urban fantasy world and get all the hot strong beauties in your harem no matter whether they are heroes or villains? That solves the fight too, right?​

Developer: NoMeme
File Size: 2.25 GB
Version: 0.10
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • v10 is the biggest update of PHOENIXES so far, even bigger than v9, with 1100+ new images and animated scenes. It is double the content of many previous updates. I don’t think we will ever make a bigger update in the future. In future update cycles, we will strive to keep the volume of updates and development time within a more reasonable and rational range.
  • Now let’s take a brief look at what we have in v10:
  • Improved the clock UI:
  • The old clock was not even a real circle but rather a rough polygon that looked like a circle. Now we’ve made it more circular and added more lighting effects to it.
  • Reworked the album system:
  • Now there won’t be any lagging issue when viewing images in the album.
  • Implemented the biography system:
  • The Records screen has always been relatively unimportant since it is entirely unrelated to gameplay. Your gaming experience wouldn’t be affected even if you never viewed this screen. But it must exist because there has to be a place to record a dozen girls’ information.
  • However, this unimportant screen has become almost entirely useless since v2. Due to coding issues, the girls’ information could not be updated in time, for example, Cassy’s description still says ‘I don’t know much about her yet’ even if she has been your maid for so long. This obviously needed improvement.
  • In v10, we replaced the previous character introductions with a biography system. Every time your relationship with a girl progresses to a new significant stage, a new segment of textual content about her will be unlocked in her record. We believe this improvement will at least restore this screen from ‘completely useless’ to ‘unimportant’ again.
  • Numerous bugs fixed:
  • Fixed the issue that caused the game unable to return to the subplot screen after skipping a subplot to its end.
    Fixed the issue in the PC version where the first text triggered after opening the game does not pop up a dialogue box.
    Fixed a display bug that occurs when opening the Status screen for the first time in each time period.
    Fixed the issue that caused the game to only display thumbnails for the latest 15 saves.
  • New girl’s debut: Enyora
  • In v10, a new villain girl will make her debut. She is a high-IQ schemer and politician, using explosive high-tech playing cards as weapons. Her appearance signifies a new phase in the main story. The city is getting more chaotic every day as the mayoral election approaches, and soon there will be more new girls coming on the stage.
  • New sexable girl: Osonia
  • In v10, you will be able to have sex with Osonia for the first time, but please note that you will have to reach a certain level of intimacy with Sorring first. Unlike other girls, Osonia and Sorring’s stories are highly interconnected. Osonia won’t be too intimate with a man until her sister has a boyfriend.
  • Alnilam, Kemuri, Sorring, and Osonia will have new personal plots


Wallpaper codes v0.7.0.0
$5 = 533166
$10 = 921387
$20 = 620323

Game Images & Screenshots


Chapter 1-Extra-Wet Dreams:

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