~Prince Side Story~ How Far Will the Sow Prince Fall [v1.01] By テディ✕3

テディ✕3 Games released a new game called ~Prince Side Story~ How Far Will the Sow Prince Fall and the version is 1.01. The game’s story is about I had a very important childhood friend. We were always together since childhood, and one day I planned to confess and wanted to marry her. But then, a guy transferred to our school and everything went into complete disarray. My childhood friend was broken in both spirit and body, and, in the end, she became his. Even though I knew she was in danger, in the end, I did nothing. It was all a consequence of my own doing. This is the story of the worst possible outcome, a conclusion that is my fault.

Developer: テディ✕3
File Size: 393 MB
Version: 1.01
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

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Patch: Updates/Fixes

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