Project Dollscapes [v0.2.1] By dollscapes

dollscapes Games released a new game called Project Dollscapes and the version is 0.2.1. The game’s story is about Dollscapes project featuring creatures from fantasy and cyberpunk worlds. The development process will focus on creating a lifelike experience, where characters feel alive, express emotions, remember all player actions, and react to the smallest events.

Developer: dollscapes
File Size: 66.2 MB
Version: 0.2.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • In honor of Easter, a bunny tail has been added 🙂
  • Fingering by VR hand for all holes
  • Integration of Buttplug for smart toys of other brands
  • Improved movement between scenes
  • Saving player height for VR
  • Ducky in the bath is interactive
  • Possibility of linking Patreon directly inside the game
  • Physical hands for VR
  • New touches to the body, face and pussy
  • Physics of VR camera and player
  • Interact with the body, face and pussy with mouse
  • Added emotions for pressing the nose down
  • Ability to adjust camera height in VR (hold thumbstick)
  • Characters in VR have become a little larger
  • Anime embarrassment
  • Fixed many minor bugs


1. New character in the men’s room.
2. Next quest for gaming room.
3. Flipped dialogue panel fix.
4. Fappy angel minigame.
5. Stream with comments and reactions.
6. Reset quest progress button in settings window.
7. Player can pee in the WC room.
8. New hairstyle and bondage.
9. Dialogues: printed smoothly, semantic pauses, facial emotions, sfx.
10. Polishing of past quests.

Game Images & Screenshots


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