Ravenous [Arc 2 Ep.1] By Lament Entertainment

Lament Entertainment Production released a new game called Ravenous and the version is Arc 2 Ep.1 The game’s story is about It’s been a long time since you have had any contact with your mother and sister. After a decade of separation, you have graduated from high school, and are moving to the picturesque town of Hollowbrook, to be reunited.

Developer: Lament Entertainment
File Size: 803.6 MB
Version: Arc 2 Ep.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

No more Changelogs provided.

Changelog: 0.093

Changelog: 0.092

Changelog: 0.089

  • 489 total renders
  • 8 total scenes
  • 30 animation

Developer Notes:

This is a bit of a slow-burn story. Sexual activity will ramp up along the way. The MC’s attitude, appearance, and personality will develop and change along the way.

Game Images & Screenshots

Arc 2 Episode 1

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