Rewind [v0.3.2.4] By Sprinting Cucumber

Sprinting Cucumber Games released a new game called Rewind and the version is The game’s story is about After a long night correcting the codebase for a new Web 3.0 Meme Sock Generator, you left work before the morning traffic hit. As the sun peaked over the skyline, you meandered your way through the streets, looking at the morning scenery: trees, mailboxes, lesbians making out at the park. That last one held your fancy for a while, and then…. things turned strange.

The Goddess seems like a bitch, straight up. Like, why she gotta be that way? Anyway, long story short, now you’re an infant on a never-ending quest. As you grow, you’ll encounter good people, bad people, strange people, cat people, elf people, god-type people… and then you’ll die. And then you’ll start again. But this time it’ll be different. You’ve learned some things, after all. That damn chicken can’t boss you around forever.​

Developer: Sprinting Cucumber
File Size: 974.1 MB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Rewind v0.3.2.4 Changelog:

  • Additions:
  • Two new Lani sneaking scenes (continuation of existing content, locked behind clothing store date).
  • Additional clothing store content added. You can now visit the store after the girl(s) take you for the first time and purchase any unpurchased clothing items.
  • Additional variation scene added for the clothing store. If you have already visited with both girls, you can now visit with Lani alone to view a prophecy once all requirements have been met.
  • New (hidden) content is available for the Goddess of Time. Unlocked by dying on day 1 after making Lani your girlfriend in a previous life.
  • Preliminary content for the Goddess of Time route has been added, but fulfillment conditions for her main quest are not currently possible. Will trigger once the player has finished the Succubus Dungeon and started dating Lani (not necessarily in the same life).
  • Auto-battle settings are now available. Settings include skill preference, healing preference, potion use, animation skipping, and automatic battle continuation.
  • Six new recipes have been added.
  • New title (‘Challenger’) has been added. This title lowers the penalties when fighting enemies that are a higher level than the player.
  • New introduction video when the Goddess of Time is met for the first time.
  • Liam, Lani, and chicken now have death animations in combat.
  • Changes:
  • All items, ingredients, enemies, quests, regions, recipes, and skills are now loaded via external files (*.tsv).
  • Enemy and player battle stats have been altered for balance. Some enemies are drastically stronger than previously. Especially rank 4 dungeons are much more difficult.
  • Player level now plays a much larger role in battle strength.
  • The amount of experience required for each level has been lowered, and enemies now give lower experience values.
  • Cooking with potions will now lower poison levels.
  • Visual update/expansion for the Goddess of Time’s conversation renders.
  • Chance to find dungeons increases by 1% for every battle fought (cumulative).
  • Enemy level is now visible on battle screen.
  • You can now sleep until the next calendar day.
  • -Shops now have a quantity slider to allow purchasing or selling multiple items at once at player-specified amounts.
  • Corrections:
  • Purchasing clothes now accurately increases your ‘money spent’ value (for the purposes of title advancement).
  • Liam’s lifetime poison value will now increase by the amount of poison in the food prepared, regardless of cooking skill lowering the effective value.
  • You will now be given the full poison value for a recipe when it is prepared for the first time.
  • ‘Collecting All’ in an exploration map now returns you to the correct map instead of always sending the player back to Map 1.
  • After selling or buying from the guild store, you are now returned directly to your previous menu screen instead of the starting screen.
  • Dungeon damage bonus title now applies to skills (was previously incorrectly limited to normal attacks).
  • Various typos.
  • Probably some other stuff I can’t remember.

Developer Notes:

I have a developer thread here, showing some of my workflow from Daz to Maya and so forth. This initial release contains multiple story and game elements, but none of them are fully implemented (clothing changes are in there for one character, skill checks and fight scenes are there but not animated), I’ve put in the first few sex scenes, but none include the main character, and the initial story is hinted at quite a few places, but the soft barriers to getting through to those areas are currently not implemented. That said, there are a few hours of gameplay. I hope everyone enjoys it, and critiques are certainly welcome… just don’t mention how hideous my animation code is, because I know and will make a function for that shit in the next release. Cheers!

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