S.L.A.M. CyberFantasy Evolution Trainer [v0.17.7] By Steamlynx

Steamlynx Games released a new game called S.L.A.M. CyberFantasy Evolution Trainer and the version is 0.17.7. The game’s story is about You play as a genius demonologist Hector van Carnie. Problem is, you don’t remember anything about your life and how you ended up at the Academy. Everyone claims that you’re a teacher here, a demonic threat defense specialist. What’s more, you have passed an Angelic Truth Detector test with flying colors and proven that you’re not only well-versed in the subject, you’re also an experienced practitioner! You’re capable of spearheading Astral raids, standing your ground against creatures of the Abyss, holding off breaches form the Elemental Planes, and, of course, neutralizing the Demonic Threat.

However, your Intuition tells you it’s no coincidence. All your paperwork is in order, and the Academy’s department of Demonology needs a new teacher! It has to be part of some bigger picture… Right? Although you must admit, the students at the Academy are very pretty. So, it’s up to you to turn Saint Letitia Academy of Magiс into Saint Lascivia Academy of Lust!

Developer: Steamlynx
File Size: 440.0 MB
Version: 0.17.7
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.17.7

  • The Plot until Gabriella’s arrival and meeting with Hector-from-the-Past.
  • Technical preparations for the 0.18 release (UI, items in inventory, role-playing system and so on). Mostly this is a groundwork for a proper big release next month (June 2024).

Developer Notes:

DISCLAIMER: the game is currently at an early stage of development. After downloading and running the latest release, you will mostly see the visual novel. The RPG and Date-sim mechanics are to be implemented within a year.

Three fundamental principles, three main values underlie the creation of the game:

  1. “Cause and effect in everything.”
    And we mean everything. Why do the characters act a certain way, why does this girl have those fetishes, why did the MP lose his memory at the start of the game, etc. Everything will be explained from the perspective of the lore, game world history, psychology, sociology, and other sciences. Nothing is contrived here, no elements that destroy the logic of the story and world.
  2. “Fascinating journeys of transformation.”
    Every character has their own interesting, unusual, rich, and exciting Transformation Story. Expect many plot twists. Each new stage of a girl’s development doesn’t only mean another stack of NSFW pics. It’s a story of transformation! We’re showing how the girl changes, what she gains after overcoming another stage, what difficulties has she been able to deal with as a result, what skeletons in the closet has she managed to bury, how she became stronger and more competent.
  3. “Inspiring discoveries.”
    The more attention the player pays, the fuller their interaction with the game world, resulting in additional compelling discoveries along they way. Learn more about the world, unlock new features and even completely new game modes! More outfits, poses, new ways of communicating with the girls, and, of course, “titbits of information,” which are just fun to find.


At its core, SLAM is a Eroge Dating Sim, where you unlock new content as you improve your relationships with the NPCs. You can even go the GROUP route – by reaching the maximum level of affection with all five main heroines. Spoiler alert: it’s will be hard!
An all-original detailed cyber-fantasy populated by both classic and not-so-classic races. Techno-magical starships that explore the vastness of the Astral Plane and reach the remotest corners of the Solar System. Angels versus Demons, Elven global corporations and Dwarven Technoclans versus High Mars Bureaucracy. And even Androids with elemental mages. Anyway, it’ll be Legen – wait for it – DARY!!
The adult content is substantiated by the lore, supported by the narrative, and neatly integrated into the story. We want our NSFW content to be meaningful!
Complicated dating sim mechanics based on leveling up each girl’s level of affection and depravity. When going on dates, RPG stats are taken into account. It all matters: the girls’ mood, knowledge of their psychological traits, stress and excitement levels, desires, and other aspects like favorite drinks and places. You can (and you should!) give presents. Mini-games are implemented.
The role-playing system connects all the game mechanics including dating, battles, crafting, and so on. There are character stats, current statuses, features (traits/perks) and skills. The RPG system does not use traditional classes and XP – you level up by training and actually using your skills in practice. It will be used in battles, dialogues, quests, and mini-games (dating, crafting, economy).

We are a small group of enthusiasts from different cities and countries, we love games, and we really want to tell you a vibrant story full of daring adventures, with some drama humor of epic proportions, including angels, demons, elves, and family-friendly interactions!
Our game is free and available to everyone. Still, if you pledge a small monthly fee, you can access the early playable version. In addition, you will get access to the latest development information, screenshots, concepts, FullHD artwork, patron-only polls, and Discord discussions.
If you like our game, you can support us on the Patreon. With your help, we will release updates more often, make additional CG scenes, translate texts into English way faster. Thanks for your support!
Saint Lascivia Academy of Magic (SLAM) a fantasy cyberpunk “Eroge Dating Sim meets Battle-RPG.” A story-driven game where choices matter, with a level-up system, crafting mechanics, immersive combat system, and lots of mini-games!


Let me remind you that SLAM is being developed as a game consisting of five large phases, each of which ends with the evolution of each of the five main girls. We plan to complete the first two phases during 2023.

0.17 “Core LDPE”, release JANUARY 2023
LDPE stands for Location – Date – Period – Events. It is the primary system and now contains the minimum required game logic. We’ll extend its functionality in the following releases. In version 0.17, the player will have access to:

  • Free movement around the Academy
  • Working cycle “period – day”
  • A simplified version of the role-playing system for Hector
  • Main Story Events (if it is active the player must go to the needed location and complete it; until completing the other game actions are blocked)
  • Other Events (optional)
  • Regular repeating activities in some locations

The technical prototype of version 0.17 is ready. We are currently working on new content for 0.17 and the technological base for version 0.18.

0.18 “Battle system”, release Q1 2023

  • RPG System I (Stats + Skills)
  • Astral Battle System I
  • Base mobs, loot, rewards
  • MIFE Mission select, MIFE Rating

New content:

Sabina and Henrietta join Hector, and now all the five main girls are collected. After the first completed mission in the Astral, the player gets access to the selection and completion of missions in MIFE. It’s also the beginning of using the infirmary for restoring physical health and removing the psychological consequences of staying in the Astral for girls. The outcome of the personal story for Isabella continues with the regular NSFW content.

The dean of the Faculty of Combat Magic, Professor Maltariel Gaelonna, returns to the Academy, and a chain of events begins to form a Special Demon Fighting Squad of the department’s students. Maltariel promises Hector his own training ground and facilities for study and arsenal.

Game Images & Screenshots

Linux (v0.17): GOFILE– MEGA – MIXDROP – PIXELDRAIN – 440.0 MB

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