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Game Storyline

You moved to a new school a few days ago, during the middle of the semester. You’ve already made two friends, very different from one another. Catching up on the lessons you’ve missed should be your priority. But there is something else you are concerned about… You are single and tired of just looking at the beautiful girls around.

It would be nice to feel more like a man and less like a boy. It’s time to try something. To look for an opportunity to socialize and circumvent social and psychological constraints. To be fulfilled. But people are complicated. Love, lust, anger, jealousy, shyness, proudness, cautiousness, delusions, ego, secrecy… How are you going to work your way through all that?

Version Changelog


  • 19,747 words total
  • 950+ renders total
  • 6 animations

Game Images

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