Shadows of Desire [v0.3c] By Shamantr

Shamantr Games released a new game called Shadows of Desire and the version is 0.3c. The game’s story is about The life of a short and white man is difficult, even more so having a spectacular girlfriend and being surrounded by bad people. Fred is that man, he is racist and even more so after the man who tries to steal his girlfriend is a giant black man who bullied him throughout his life. But this year is different, it’s their last year of classes and things seem to be going well. ¿Will Fred be able to finish the year with his relationship intact?​

Developer: Shamantr
File Size: 4.29 GB
Version: 0.3c
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.3c (15.03.2024)

  • Added 3300 new renders
  • Added FB (Fred’s Birthday)
  • Storage table map Added FB (Fred’s Birthday)
  • Guest Room
  • And more…

Developer Notes:

¡Hello! My name is Shaman, im a new Solo Game Developer and i’m a big fan of NTR. I’m working on my first project “Shadows of Desire”. Public versions of this game will be released every 2 weeks but, by supporting me on my Patreon page you’ll be able to get the most recent updates at the moment in which it is ready to be played. Don’t forget to visit my discord channel to interact and talk about this game, your opinion will be take into consideration. I’m not english speaker so sorry for my bad english and for spelling errors in some scenes. I’m improving my Daz3D and rpg maker skills over time so, better content will come with each update. ¡Thank you!

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras: WALKTHROUGH – Saves

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