Shady Lewd Kart [v1.59 Steam] By Shady Corner

Shady Corner Games released a new game called Shady Lewd Kart and the version is 1.59 Steam. The game’s story is about Shady Lewd Kart takes go-karting party games and mashes it with a dating sim to give you fast power-sliding gameplay, sexy power-ups and lewd unlocks. Powerslide around crazy tracks from ghost houses, speedways, and even some of your favorite lewd games. Pick up as many dating items as you can and present them to the ‘Pitgirls’.​

Developer: Shady Corner
File Size: 1.29 GB
Version: 1.59 Steam
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • All tracks are taken over by Cammies, who are recording the races!
    New character: Sammy
    New kart: H O R S E
    New skin: Cammi
    Terry’s shop and Dave’s Emporium can be accessed from the main menu if you’ve found them already
    Lock N’ Lewd now supports steam integration
  • Gallery
    New categories: Cammi, Sammy
    New images: 315, 317, 319
    New images: 294, 297, 305, 318
    Updated fanart gallery
  • Tweaks
    Lowered price of images in shop from 1000 to 750
    Lowered price of images in shop from 2000 to 1000
  • Fixes
    Fixed Chevron Bike name in shop
    Fixed FlatVac name in Terry’s shop
    Made Yu’s Collar not appear if it’s not unlocked
    Made Hayley’s Lucia skin not appear if it’s not unlocked
    Updated character and skin hint texts
    Fixed Cesil’s Pitstop Panty category in gallery
    Fixed Plot Cup second episode’s boss unlock icon and text
    Panty Save trick glitch

Game Images & Screenshots


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