Shakai Seikatsu [v0.9.0] By Pervert World

Pervert World Games released a new game called Shakai Seikatsu and the version is 0.9.0. The game’s story is about Shakai Seikatsu is an adult harem visual novel game with elements of visual novel and dating simulator. After the tragic death of your parents you find yourself depressed and with no will to live, but your best friend will help you not to think about it, but your life will take a turn that you would have never imagined.​

Developer: Pervert World
File Size: 3.72 GB
Version: 0.9.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • What changes?
    351 new images have been added.
    15 new videos made by me have been added (Thanks to Txcoregames for teaching me, show them some love).
    The club event has been redone.
    The 3.5 event for Joseline has been remastered.
    A new store has been added on the PC.
  • Adjustments:
    Now you can only enter the locker rooms if you join the swimming club.
    Now, depending on how you dress Joseline, she will appear with that outfit in her room.
    The mini-game in the gym has been improved.
    Interaction with options for moving quickly around the school has been improved.
    Fast travel buttons at the institute have been improved.
    The ability to talk to Hideki in the afternoon has been removed.
    Character interactions have been improved in quality.
    The font of the text has been changed.
  • Errors:
    Fixed an error that caused Hayami to appear on the mobile when talking to Akane.
    Fixed an error for the mobile version that caused an error when entering the bathrooms.
    Fixed an error for the mobile version that caused your messages not to appear on the phone.
    Fixed an error that caused the phone to appear over events and objects in the mobile version.
    Fixed an error that prevented you from going to the girls’ houses on Saturdays and Sundays.
    Several errors in Joseline’s event #3 have been fixed.
    Several errors in Joseline’s room have been fixed.
    Fixed an error that caused the game to exit when entering Chihiro’s room.
    Dialogue errors have been fixed.
    Signs in the school have been retranslated.
    Some translation errors have been fixed.
    Fixed an issue where the score sign did not appear in the gym mini-game.
    Fixed an error that caused pressing the number keys while performing various actions to take you to different places in the school.
    Fixed an error that caused the game to close when trying to view Joseline’s photos in her room.
    Several errors in the cafeteria mini-game have been fixed.

Developer Notes:

PD: if you liked the game consider supporting with a grain of sand, the game is completely free and when I finish it I will publish it for free for everyone, but if you want to support me to finish it faster I would appreciate it a lot! Consider supporting my patreon to receive exclusive content! PD2: If you find an error or a bug don’t forget to report it on my Discord page.

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